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Smart AudioBook Player 4.6.4 [Final] [Unlocked]

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The app is designed specially for playing audio books.
Assumed that you have audiobooks and already copied them to your phone.
First 30 days Full version. Later - Basic version.
+ Playback speed control.
+ Classification of books (new, started, finished).
+ Download cover from the Internet.
+ List of characters. You can manually create a list of characters to easier follow the story.
+ Automatic pause in case you fall asleep. To continue playback just shake your phone.
+ Playback history.
+ Application Widget. Allows you to control the player from the home screen.
+ By specifying a root folder containing all your audiobook, you can exclude your folders which contains music and other audio files.
+ You don't have to finish one book to start another. The progress is saved independently for all books.
To purchase (restore after reinstalling) full version press:
menu--Help--Version tab
Phone must be connected to the Internet.
Full version cost is $2.
Many thanks to people who left comments and suggestions.
If you have something that doesn't work please write an email instead of leaving a comment.


Change log

Version 4.6.4 [Final] [Unlocked]2019-05-22 Version 4.6.3 [Final] [Unlocked]2019-05-20 Version 4.6.1 [Final] [Unlocked]2019-05-12 Version 4.6.0 [Final] [Unlocked]2019-05-12 Version 4.4.4 [Unlocked]2019-04-07 Version 4.1.7 [Unlocked]2018-12-07 Version 4.1.6 [Unlocked]2018-12-04 Version 4.0.6 [Unlocked]2018-10-03 Version 4.0.5 [Unlocked]2018-09-30 Version 4.0.4 [Unlocked]2018-09-23 Version 4.0.2 [Mod Lite]2018-09-20 Version 4.0.2 [Unlocked]2018-09-19 Version 4.0.1 [Mod Lite]2018-09-17 Version 4.0.1 [Unlocked]2018-09-14 Version 4.0.0 [Unlocked]2018-08-27 Version 3.9.9 [Mod Lite]2018-08-11 Version 3.9.9 [Unlocked]2018-08-10 Version 3.9.8 [Mod Lite]2018-08-04 Version 3.9.8 [Unlocked]2018-08-04 Version 3.9.7 [Unlocked]2018-07-29 Version 3.9.6 [Mod Lite]2018-07-20 Version 3.9.6 [Unlocked]2018-07-19 Version 3.9.5 [Mod Lite]2018-07-12 Version 3.9.5 [Unlocked]2018-07-11 Version 3.9.4 [Mod Lite]2018-07-09 Version 3.9.4 [Unlocked]2018-07-07 Version 3.9.3 [Mod Lite]2018-06-29 Version 3.9.3 [Unlocked]2018-06-29 Version 3.9.2 [Unlocked]2018-06-29 Version 3.9.1 [Mod Lite]2018-06-27 Version 3.9.1 [Unlocked]2018-06-26 Version 3.9.0 [Full Mod Lite]2018-06-26 Version 3.9.0 [Unlocked]2018-06-24 Version 3.8.9 [Unlocked]2018-06-20 Version 3.8.7 [Mod Lite]2018-06-20 Version 3.8.7 [Unlocked]2018-06-19 Version 3.8.6 [Mod Lite]2018-06-16 Version 3.8.6 [Unlocked]2018-06-12 Version 3.8.4 [Mod Lite]2018-06-10 Version 3.8.4 [Mod Lite]2018-06-10 Version 3.8.4 [Unlocked]2018-06-09 Version 3.8.3 [Mod Lite]2018-06-08 Version 3.8.3 [Unlocked]2018-06-07 Version 3.8.1 [Mod Lite]2018-05-31 Version 3.8.2 [Unlocked]2018-05-29 Version 3.8.1 [Unlocked]2018-05-26 Version 3.8.0 [Mod Lite]2018-05-24 Version 3.8.0 [Unlocked]2018-05-24 Version 3.7.9 [Mod Lite]2018-05-23 Version 3.7.8 [Unlocked]2018-05-22 Version 3.7.8 [Mod Lite]2018-05-19 Version 3.7.8 [Unlocked]2018-05-18 Version 3.7.7 [Mod Lite]2018-05-17 Version 3.7.7 [Unlocked]2018-05-15 Version 3.7.6 [Full lite-Mod]2018-05-13 Version 3.7.6 [Unlocked]2018-05-12 Version 3.7.5 [Unlocked]2018-05-12 Version 3.7.3 [Full lite-Mod]2018-05-02 Version 3.7.3 [Unlocked]2018-04-28 Version 3.7.2 [Unlocked]2018-04-27 Version 3.7.1 [Mod Lite]2018-04-25 Version 3.7.1 [Unlocked]2018-04-21 Version 3.7.0 [Mod Lite]2018-04-19 Version 3.7.0 [Unlocked]2018-04-17 Version 3.6.9 [Mod Lite]2018-04-09 Version 3.6.9 [Unlocked]2018-04-08 Version 3.6.8 [Unlocked]2018-04-06 Version 3.6.7 [Unlocked]2018-04-04 Version 3.6.7 [Mod Lite]2018-04-04 Version 3.6.6 [Unlocked]2018-04-03 Version 3.6.5 [Unlocked]2018-03-29 Version 3.6.4 [Mod Lite]2018-02-27 Version 3.6.4 [Unlocked]2018-02-26 Version 3.6.3 [Mod Lite]2018-02-23 Version 3.6.3 [Unlocked]2018-02-22 Version 3.6.1 [Mod Lite]2018-02-21 Version 3.6.1 [Unlocked]2018-02-20 Version 3.6.0 [Mod Lite]2018-02-07 Version 3.6.0 [Unlocked]2018-02-06 Version 3.5.9 [Mod Lite]2018-01-29 Version 3.5.9 [Unlocked]2018-01-27 Version 3.5.8 [Mod Lite]2018-01-24 Version 3.5.8 [Unlocked]2018-01-23 Version 3.5.7 [Unlocked]2018-01-22 Version 3.5.6 [Unlocked]2018-01-22 Version 3.5.5 [Unlocked]2018-01-14 Version 3.5.4 [Unlocked]2018-01-11 Version 3.5.3 [Mod Lite]2018-01-07 Version 3.5.3 [Unlocked]2018-01-05 Version 3.5.2 [Mod Lite]2017-12-29 Version 3.5.0 [Unlocked]2017-12-21 Version 3.5.0 [Unlocked]2017-12-21 Version 3.4.9 [Mod Lite]2017-12-20 Version 3.4.9 [Unlocked]2017-12-18 Version 3.4.8 [Unlocked]2017-12-17 Version 3.4.8 [Unlocked]2017-12-17 Version 3.4.7 [Mod Lite]2017-12-12 Version 3.4.7 [Unlocked]2017-12-10 Version 3.4.6 [Mod Lite]2017-12-07 Version 3.4.6 [Unlocked]2017-12-06 Version 3.4.6 [Unlocked]2017-12-06 Version 3.4.5 [Mod Lite]2017-12-04 Version 3.4.4 [Mod Lite]2017-11-29 Version 3.4.4 [Unlocked]2017-11-28 Version 3.4.4 [Unlocked]2017-11-28 Version 3.4.3 [Mod Lite]2017-11-15 Version 3.4.3 [Unlocked]2017-11-13 Version Google Play2017-11-13
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Description · · · App Name:Smart AudioBook Player Latest:4.6.4 [Final] [Unlocked] Size:Free English:English ROM:Varies with device Size:unknow Update:2019-05-22 Permissions: Permissions
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3 Rating: 4
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