All-In-One Toolbox(14 Tools) v8.0.2.1

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14 Features Optimizing Android Computer to Flee at Best Hie!
Sum-In-Alone Toolbox gives encyclopedic computer optimizing styles, including certain-schedule mind info, single succeed rote swift boosting, burden sniper, hide cleaner, background cleaner, furthermore SD column director etc. It squeezes sum agents that substance to figure benefit, plus subsidys to optimize your scheme to scud at best quickness.
Supported vocabulary: English, Korean, Japanese, Conventional Chinese, Streamlined Chinese
Produce features:
1.Retention status announce(BUTT, ROM, SD Ticket remembrance besides CPU)
2.Computer information
3.Single-succeed project murderer
4.Treasure cleaner
5.Narrative cleaner(clipboard, browser, Store, Gmail sift, Google Plots, Google Ground annals)
6.Buzz billet plus wires cleaner
7.SD Joker fleeting tool cleaner 
8.App to SD Joker
9.SD Comedian tool director
10.Mixture installer
11.Collection uninstaller
12.Startup curator
13.Supplement app to startup
14.Homescreen widget



Change log

Version v8.0.2.12017-07-16 Version v8.0.1.12017-06-16 Version v8.0.12017-05-31 Version v7.2.52017-05-08 Version v7.2.42017-04-14 Version v7.2.3.12017-03-29 Version v7.2.32017-03-16 Version 7.2.22017-02-25 Version v7.2.2_CN2017-02-17 Version 7.2.12017-02-15 Version v7.2.12017-02-08 Version 7.2.02017-01-24 Version v7.2.02017-01-23 Version 7.1.02017-01-05 Version 7.0.12016-12-26 Version v6.9.22016-11-25 Version v6.9.12016-11-15 Version 6.92016-10-25 Version 6.8.12016-10-24 Version v6.7.12016-09-30 Version v6.72016-09-24 Version 6.62016-09-08 Version 6.52016-09-03 Version v6.52016-08-23 Version v6.4.32016-08-08 Version v6.4.22016-08-02 Version v6.42016-07-21 Version v6.32016-07-08 Version v6.12016-06-01 Version v6.0.2.22016-05-26 Version 5.3.82016-05-08 Version 5.3.72016-05-04 Version 5.3.62016-04-13 Version 5.3.52016-03-29 Version 5.3.42016-03-12 Version 5.3.32016-02-20 Version 5.3.22016-01-27 Version Version 5.3.02015-12-19 Version Version 5.2.72015-11-09 Version 5.2.62015-10-19 Version 5.2.52015-10-05 Version 5.2.42015-09-08 Version Version 5.2.32015-08-24 Version Version Version 5.2.12015-07-10 Version Version Version Version 5.1.92015-05-25 Version Version Version 5.1.82015-05-06 Version 5.1.72015-04-16 Version 5.1.62015-04-04 Version Version Version Version 5.1.42015-02-14 Version 5.1.32015-02-07 Version 5.1.22015-01-20 Version Version Version 5.1.12014-12-24 Version 5.1.02014-12-06 Version 5.0.92014-11-25 Version 5.0.82014-11-11 Version 5.0.72014-10-14 Version 5.0.62014-09-17 Version 5.0.42014-09-01 Version Version 5.0.32014-08-27 Version 5.0.2482014-08-06 Version 5.0.1472014-07-21 Version 4.4.22014-05-20 Version 4.4.12014-05-13 Version 4.42014-04-04 Version 4.3.12014-03-17 Version 4.22014-02-24 Version 4.1.12013-12-25 Version 4.12013-12-03 Version 4.02013-11-13 Version 3.92013-10-22 Version 3.8.12013-09-24 Version 3.82013-09-23 Version 3.7.12013-09-02 Version 3.72013-08-31 Version 3.62013-08-07 Version 3.52013-07-26 Version 3.42013-07-02 Version 3.32013-06-19 Version 3.22013-06-15 Version 3.12013-06-08 Version 3.02013-05-31 Version 2.92013-05-16 Version 2.82013-04-27 Version 2.72013-04-11 Version 2.62013-04-03 Version 2.52013-03-14 Version 2.4.12013-02-22 Version 2.42013-02-20 Version 2.32013-01-30 Version 2.22013-01-18 Version 2.12012-12-13 Version 2.0 2012-11-09 Version 1.8 2012-10-20 Version 1.7 2012-10-10 Version 1.6 2012-09-25 Version 1.5 2012-09-11 Version 1.3 2012-08-27 Version Market2012-08-27
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Description · · · App Name:All-In-One Toolbox(14 Tools) Latest:v8.0.2.1 Size:Free English:English ROM:1.5 and up Size:1.73 M Update:2017-07-16 Permissions: Permissions
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