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What if we had the option to select a Dark Theme in stock android? Well.. surely would like similar to this. ;)
If you like dark themes but you love stock theme, this merges the two ideas together.

For any problem or suggestion, send me e-mail at:
The theme has been tested on Android M2, Cataclysm ROM (hybrid AOSP/Stock ROM) and Minimal OS ROM (AOSP).

The theme installs through Layers Manager, that you can download here, IT REQUIRES ROOT and a Layers compatible ROM:
**If you have black text in contacts, flash this zip , the zip works ONLY ON 5.1.x!
Here the wallpaper used in the previews:

Themed elements:

-AOSP Contacts** ;
-AOSP Dialer;
-AOSP Keyboard;
-AOSP Launcher;
-Documents/Download UI;
-Google Chrome;
-Google Contacts** ;
-Google Dialer;
-Google Keep;
-Google Keyboard;
-Google Hangouts: I reccomend you to choose "NoMod" style, and download latest hangouts here ;
-Google Launcher/Now;
-Google Mail;
-Google Messenger;
-Google Play Music;
-Google Play Store;
-Google Translate;
-Nova Launcher's searchbar;
-Package Installer;
-WhatsApp: "ChatOnly" style themes only the stuff inside the chats, "Full" one themes also conversations list, settings, actionbar and statusbar. Choose the one you prefer.

Thank you all for supporting me. :)



Change log

Version 526 [P]2018-05-06 Version 516 [P]2018-04-27 Version 506 [P]2018-04-07 Version 496 [P]2018-03-21 Version 488 [P]2018-03-11 Version 456 [P]2018-02-03 Version 446 [P]2018-01-28 Version 432 [P]2018-01-14 Version 4012017-12-05 Version 2422017-05-04 Version 2412017-04-28 Version 2382017-04-20 Version 2362017-04-14 Version 2282017-04-05 Version 2222017-03-20 Version 2152017-03-14 Version 2072017-02-28 Version 1972017-02-11 Version 1852017-02-08 Version 1.7.82017-01-07 Version 1.6.92016-12-05 Version 1.6.32016-11-11 Version 1.5.22016-08-10 Version 1.4.62016-07-26 Version 1.4.22016-06-30 Version 1.4.12016-06-29 Version 1.4.02016-06-22 Version 1.3.92016-06-16 Version 1.3.82016-05-25 Version 1.3.72016-05-10 Version 1.3.52016-04-27 Version 1.3.22016-04-01 Version 1.3.12016-03-08 Version 1.2.92016-03-04 Version 1.2.82016-02-17 Version 1.2.32016-01-07 Version 1.0.92015-08-28 Version Market2015-08-17
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