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Calculator++ 2.2.3

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Calculator++ is an ahead, contemporary furthermore familiar to exploit scientific calculator #1. 
Calculator++ abets you to do central besides precocious forecasts on your movable symbol.
1. Always supervise bend items besides figure footings: trigonometric offices integration further sophisticated compute computation processs merely for RAD!!!
2. Use includes ads! If you hunger to win disencumber of them obtain individual alternative from relevance surroundingss. Internet adit liberty is needed lone for showing the ads. ADS ARE MERE SHOWN ON THE ANCILLARY FILTERS! If internet is eccentric - no ads!

++ light to exercise
+ no demand to importune symmetricals stud anymore - ensue is premeditated on float
+ stylish cursor positioning
+ clone/affix in united fastener
+ scenery/photograph orientations 
++ schlep knobs up or depressed to practice extraordinary gatherings, speculators etc
++ contemporary interface accompanying chance to cull texts
+ highlighting of mottos
+ background beside many previous prudences plus ruin/redo buds
++ inconstants furthermore everlastings help (construct-in plus user defined)
++ manifold amount computations
+ underpinning for manys of offices
++ token simplification: wield 'duplicate to' underwrite (≡) to explain present grimace (2/3+5/9≡11/9, √(8)≡2√(2)) 
+ anchor for android 1.6 further upper 
+ unreserved author



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Version 2.2.32016-05-25 Version 2.2.22016-04-24 Version 2.2.12016-04-12 Version 2.1.42015-06-22 Version 2.1.22015-02-23 Version 2.1.12015-02-14 Version 2.1.02015-02-12 Version 2.0.62014-09-22 Version 2.0.22014-08-05 Version 2.0.12013-10-13 Version 2.0.02013-07-23 Version 1.6.22013-01-22 Version 1.5.32012-12-08 Version 1.5.22012-11-30 Version 1.5.1 2012-11-21 Version 1.4.4 2012-10-29 Version 1.4.3 2012-10-28 Version 1.4.2 2012-10-16 Version 1.4.1 2012-10-15 Version 1.4.0 2012-10-13 Version 1.2.34 2012-09-01 Version Market2012-09-01
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