Clean Master 5.15.8

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What is Swab Command?
Wash Boss is a Mold Bear app for android users. It gives wide purifying strategys to untarnished storehouse, vacant registers, retreat background furthermore app wraps on android phone.
Reason take Unblemished Guru?
Pristine Vanquish is compliant besides efficient. Posterior a encyclopedic cleansing, MBs uniform GBs void bequeath be released for your phone. No superuser liberty mandatory.
Key Features:
Clean cache Files
Clean unused files
Clean privacy history
Manage and clean app packages
Remind unused files when app installed



Change log

Version5.15.802-20 01:05Version5.15.72017-01-29Version5.15.62017-01-16Version5.15.52016-12-31Version5.15.42016-12-26Version5.15.32016-12-20Version5.15.22016-12-11Version5.15.12016-12-04Version5.14.92016-11-28Version5.14.52016-11-01Version5.14.42016-10-19Version5.14.32016-09-28Version5.14.22016-09-18Version5.14.12016-09-15Version5.13.92016-09-07Version5.13.82016-08-31Version5.13.72016-08-24Version5.13.62016-08-17Version5.13.52016-08-10Version5.13.42016-08-03Version5.13.32016-07-27Version5.13.12016-07-13Version5.12.82016-07-06Version5.12.72016-06-29Version5.12.52016-06-15Version5.12.22016-05-18Version5.12.12016-05-11Version5.11.92016-04-13Version5.11.82016-03-25Version5.11.72016-03-14Version5.11.62016-01-26Version5.10.92015-10-20Version5.10.32015-07-21Version5.10.22015-06-30Version5.10.12015-06-16Version5.9.92015-06-01Version5.9.82015-05-20Version5.9.62015-04-22Version5.9.52015-04-03Version5.9.42015-03-04Version5.9.32015-02-06Version5.9.22015-01-15Version5.9.12014-12-23Version5.9.02014-12-02Version5.8.82014-11-05Version5.8.72014-10-24Version5.8.62014-10-20Version5.8.52014-09-24Version5.8.42014-09-11Version5.8.32014-09-02Version5.8.12014-08-14Version5.8.02014-08-01Version5.7.02014-07-10Version5.6.02014-06-26Version5.5.12014-06-08Version5.5.02014-05-27Version5.4.12014-05-15Version5.4.02014-05-06Version5.3.12014-04-25Version5.3.02014-04-11Version5.2.02014-04-01Version5.1.02014-03-16Version5.0.12014-03-08Version5.0.02014-02-15Version4.2.02014-01-23Version4.1.02014-01-09Version4.0.12013-12-28Version4.0.02013-11-17Version3.8.52013-11-10Version3.8.32013-10-26Version3.8.22013-10-09Version3.8.12013-09-11Version3.8.02013-08-29Version3.7.12013-07-30Version3.7.0.2972013-07-16Version3.7.0.2882013-07-08Version3.6.0.2712013-06-28Version3.6.0.2702013-06-21Version3.6.02013-06-18Version3.5.02013-05-30Version3.4.12013-05-22Version3.4.02013-05-05Version3.3.2.2232013-04-27Version3.3.2.2182013-04-26Version3.3.22013-04-25Version3.3.12013-04-18Version3.3.02013-04-13Version3.2.12013-04-03Version3.2.02013-03-30Version3.1.02013-03-19Version3.0.22013-03-08Version3.02013-02-28Version2.52013-02-01Version2.42013-01-11Version2.32012-12-26Version2.22012-12-05Version2.12012-11-23Version1.2 2012-10-23Version1.1 2012-09-29Version1.0 2012-09-13VersionMarket2012-09-13
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