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DeeBrowser (Dee Browser) helps us to enjoy browsing with Ad-block, Integrated GoogleTranslator, Reading, Private & Offline reading browsing modes

✔ Lightning fast & simple interface
✔ Built-in ad blocker: Stop unwanted ads. (Can be disabled)
✔ Built-in translator: Translate web pages powered by Google Translate
✔ Offline Mode: Save & manage web pages for offline reading, further browsing
✔ Easy Web Reading: Extract text of web pages in 'Trimmed Reading' mode
✔ Speed Reading: Read text 'phrase by phrase ' in 'DeeReader
✔ Bookmark Manager: easy to use, import your desktop Chrome, Firefox bookmarks
✔ Proxy & Enhanced Privacy: Built-in support for Orbot (Tor, Onion) Proxy & I2P, Enhanced incognito mode 'DeeIncognito.'
✔ Free, No Ads

More on Features
★ Built-in ADBlock
★ Built-in Web Page Translator
★ Easy Reading Mode (Trimmed Reading)
★ Speed Reading Mode (DeeReader)
★ Offline Mode
★ Private Mode (DeeIncognito)
★ Powerful Bookmark Manager
★ Built-in Proxy Support
★ Night Mode

★ Built-in AD-Block
You can enable & disable ad-blocker in Settings/General Settings. It prevents most of annoying ads & will improve your browsing speed & will decrease data usage.
★ Built-in Web Page Translator
Built-in online language translator instantly translates web pages into more than 50 other languages.
★ Easy Reading Mode (Trimmed Reading)
Trimmed Reading removes unwanted contents & just brings relevant text out of web pages for reading night mode.
★ Speed Reading Mode (DeeReader)
DeeBrowser added a “speed reader” mode, which, when enabled, lets you read web pages almost similar to reading other text in other speed reading apps, like those powered by technology from Spritz, Spreeder, Velocity & others. Here it is called 'DeeReader.'
DeeReader is a way to read a text phrase by phrase with customized font & delay. It is not just that. Read local text files as well.
★Offline Mode
Web pages can be saved easily.
Saving with offline mode has an environment lists saved web pages to be browsed, trimmed read or speed read again by a single touch.
Offline Mode is for you to pick type of the content e.g. text, images & others.
★Private Mode (DeeIncognito)
In DeeIncognito, private browsing is possible. Moreover, you can open every link on your phone directly in Incognito mode (DeeIncognito). For example, if you find a link in your email & you would like to browse it in private mode. DeeIncognito will be there as an option for you.
Also, bookmarks in incognito mode have a 'warning sign' to remind you in future to browse them in DeeIncognito.
★Powerful Bookmark Manager
Bookmarks on your local phone are imported easily. Also, if you export bookmarks in your desktop Chrome, Firefox, & others as HTML files, you will be able to import them easily with folders intact. Bookmarks can be saved & backed up efficiently. They are organized in folders for you to have easy access to them.
★ Built-in Proxy Support
Built-in support for I2P proxy & Orbot (Onion) proxy. You need to get apps for them, but you have built in control over your proxies. Besides, you can set up your proxies manually. Bowser will be working with every other VPN too.
★Night Mode
Switch to night mode to read more comfortably at night. Night modes are available in all parts of your app. Also, there is 'rendering' option in DeeBrowser to invert color or show it in grayscale.

So, Dee Browser is solution for
if you need a browser web page translator
a browser translator for all language
a browser integrated Google Translate
a browser offline reading or speed reading
a browser save pages for offline reading
a browser with tabs
a web browser with Adblock
an ad blocker browser
a browser for android tablet
a browser with VPN proxy support
a light browser (lightweight)
a night mode browser
a reading browser or read browser ....

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