Bat Vision  1.0

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Are you blind, or is it just the darkest cave ever?

There's a dark and scary cave, and only you, the most fearless bat in the world, can pass through it!

But there's a big problem: the cave is very dark, and you can't see!
Fortunately, your vision has a big gift (which all bat visions have!): the sonar!
Using your amazing super power, you can see for a limited amount of time, and escape the deadly obstacles that lies in front of you!
So take your bat sonar, gather your courage, and get out of the cave!

Bat Vision offers:
- Beautiful, stylized 3D graphics;
- A unique art direction, see all those polygons;
- Endless challenges;
- Long and deadly caves;
- Always a second chance to continue;
- Compete with everyone in the world for the farthest distance!

How to play:
- Touch the left side of screen to control the bat;
- Touch the right side of the screen to activate the sonar.



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