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This game is best played with a gamepad - otherwise it can be difficult to complete the platforming elements with a touchscreen!
The first version of Eat All The Things has landed here on Android!
Players can expect the following additions to come throughout 2018:
-New stages
-New puzzles
-New power-ups
-Stealth challenges
-Improved co-op gameplay
-New costumes
-Over-arching story around Tablet from TABLET CORP.
... and more - based on your feedback!
You play as Bronut, a little guy who loves food so much he's dressed himself up as a donut. His love for food means he just can't help himself, whether the food belongs to him or not.
Navigate many vibrant levels and help Bronut eat all the things! It's not all smooth eating though - beware of the watcher and the evil host! They're not really evil of course, after all it's their food... but anything that gets between Bronut and his treats is the enemy!
The watcher keeps watch on the stage with a spotlight, avoid it at all costs! Otherwise, the evil host will be alerted of your location and you will have to run and hide! Don't get caught! Be sure to make use of terrain and objects to hide from the spotlight.
As it goes, Bronut doesn't count his macros... he puts on weight with each snack, making him larger and slower. Be sure to visit your local TABLET station to "unload".


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