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CPU Z : System & Hardware info  2.7.7 [Mod]

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Application shows complete information about

CPU :-
Processor,Cores ,Clock Speed,Current Frequency,Heap memory,Boot loader,Instruction set,CPU Governor Baseband Version, Kernel Version,ID,Host, GPU, Vendor ID, CPU family,Model Name, Bogomips, Power Management

Manufacturer , model , Brand , Board, Serial , uptime ,sleep time ,OS version ,API level,RAM,Storage memory
Fingerprint,Build ID,Build Time

WIFI, WIFI Direct, Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, NFC ,GPS, Microphone, Camera Flash, USB Host, USB Accessory
Removable Storage, Printing ,Is device rooted - Yes / No

width, height, diagonal size resolution, density, orientation, density x , density y

Data connection, Network, Download speed, Upload speed , IP Address
Internet /data speed in status bar and in notifications

SIM :-
SIM Card information
Network Operator Name,SIM Operator Name,Network Country,Phone Type - GSM/CDMA/SIP,IMEI, SIM Serial number ,Sunscriber ID ,Roaming

Battery Level, Battery temperature, Voltage,Technology,charging status

Accelerometer , Magnetometer, Light-sensor, Gravity-sensor, Gyroscope, Orientation , Temperature, Pressure ,
Proximity-Sensor, Game Rotation, Step detector, Step counter

Most complete details about front and back cameras.

A beautiful widget to quick access apps important contents, and flashlight widget.



Change log

Version 2.7.7 [Mod]2018-12-21 Version 2.7.6 [Mod]2018-12-20 Version 2.7.4 [Mod]2018-12-12 Version 2.7.3 [Mod]2018-12-12 Version 2.7.1 [Mod]2018-12-11 Version 2.7.0 [Mod]2018-12-07 Version 2.6.6 [Mod]2018-10-25 Version 2.6.0 [Mod]2018-10-03 Version 2.5.9 [Mod]2018-09-24 Version 2.5.8 [Mod]2018-09-24 Version 2.5.7 [Mod]2018-09-23 Version 2.5.6 [Mod]2018-09-22 Version 2.5.5 [Mod]2018-09-20 Version 2.5.4 [Mod]2018-09-17 Version 2.5.3 [Mod]2018-09-17 Version 2.5.2 [Mod]2018-09-16 Version 2.5.1 [Mod]2018-09-14 Version 2.5.0 [Mod]2018-08-20 Version 2.4.7 [Mod]2018-08-18 Version 2.4.6 [Mod]2018-08-17 Version 2.4.5 [Mod]2018-08-16 Version 2.4.3 [Mod]2018-08-14 Version 2.4.2 [Mod]2018-08-06 Version 2.4.1 [Mod]2018-08-06 Version 2.3.9 [Mod]2018-07-27 Version Reborn Stage 2.3.7 [Mod]2018-07-18 Version Reborn Stage 2.3.6 [Mod]2018-07-12 Version Reborn Stage 2.3.5 [Mod]2018-07-11 Version Reborn Stage 2.3.4 [Mod]2018-06-16 Version Reborn Stage 2.3.1 [Mod]2018-06-14 Version Reborn Stage 2.2 [Mod]2018-06-13 Version Reborn Stage 2.1 [Mod]2018-06-09 Version Reborn Stage 1.20 [Mod]2018-05-14 Version Reborn Stage 1.19 [Mod]2018-05-12 Version Reborn Stage 1.18 [Mod]2018-05-12 Version Reborn Stage 1.17 [Mod]2018-05-10 Version Reborn Stage 1.16 [Mod]2018-05-08 Version Reborn Stage 1.15 [Mod]2018-05-04 Version Reborn Stage 1.14 [Mod]2018-03-20 Version Reborn Stage 1.13 [Mod]2018-03-20 Version Reborn Stage 1.11 [Mod]2018-03-20 Version 1.932017-05-05 Version 1.892017-03-27 Version 1.882017-03-06 Version 1.852017-02-11 Version 1.842017-02-06 Version 1.832016-12-24 Version 1.792016-12-02 Version 1.742016-09-12 Version 1.692016-09-06 Version 1.682016-08-16 Version 1.572016-06-15 Version 1.512016-04-02 Version 1.462016-03-22 Version 1.422016-03-15 Version 1.412016-03-11 Version 1.402016-01-25 Version 1.392016-01-17 Version 1.382015-11-10 Version 1.372015-11-05 Version 1.362015-10-19 Version 1.352015-10-05 Version 1.342015-09-08 Version 1.332015-09-06 Version 1.322015-09-01 Version 1.302015-08-19 Version 1.292015-08-11 Version 1.272015-08-06 Version 1.262015-07-01 Version 1.252015-06-26 Version 1.232015-06-09 Version Market2015-06-09
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Description · · · App Name: CPU Z : System & Hardware info Latest:2.7.7 [Mod] Size:Free English:English ROM:4.1 and up Size:2.9M Update:2018-12-21 Permissions: Permissions
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