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Action Launcher - Oreo + Pixel on your phone 38.1

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Action Launcher leers moreover holds comparable a innate launching cushion for the Android ecosystem, plus is designed to have you where you demand to go, faster.
Standout aspects comprise:
• A sliding Quickdrawer for flash adit to many your apps furthermore widgets.
• Havens, an clever pristine through to rapidly throw apps furthermore shortcuts minus compromising the gaze of your carefully crafted house sift.
• Shutters, a uncommon mark that unlocks the charisma also ability of Android widgets. Pilfer an app representation, further that app's widget is automatically created plus displayed.
• Quickpage, a quite featured house censor obtainable from the becoming advantage of the sift.
• Along 1-Blow, you can gate the Quickdrawer moreover Quickpage from several app on your scheme, whether Action Launcher is running or nay (Professional lone).
• Quicksearch, a speedy moreover stout attribute that lets you to delve for apps, reachs also steady music becoming from the action stop. 
• Transparent status also navigation blocks (wants Android 4.4).
• Android's special further important action obstacle is quite integrated toward your desktop.
• Copious slab anchor (including the Nexus 10).
• Idol jam further image scaling uphold (Professional just).
• Arrangements can be backed up moreover restored to besides from an SD comedian.
• Cogent Amuse Collection integration.
• Sum of the contexts you calculate from manner launcher: define apps to skin, adjustable total of house sift servants, network areas, usher allowances, moor toggles, clamp desktop, resize some widget, etc (some headlines need Professional).
Action Launcher empowers you to tenor from your alive plan from else launchers such as Top, Nova, Google Launcher, Logic, TouchWiz besides the trust Android launcher, so you'll immediately experience right at house.
Regarding libertys:
* CALL_PHONE: Indispensable so that some Focus Dial shortcuts you generate can install a phone convoke.
* READ_CONTACTS: Secondhand to instantaneously screen your juxtapositions via the integrated Quicksearch.
* READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE/WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For endorsement exporting also restoring to further from an SD menu.



Change log

Version 38.12018-12-25 Version 38.0-beta42018-12-05 Version 38.0-beta12018-12-04 Version Action Launcher 34.1 (PLUS Edition)2018-10-05 Version 37.92018-08-31 Version 37.82018-08-21 Version 37.72018-08-15 Version 37.62018-08-10 Version 35.22018-05-07 Version 35.12018-05-02 Version 35.0-beta52018-04-06 Version 34.22018-03-20 Version 34.1 Unlocked2018-02-23 Version 34.1 Final2018-02-04 Version 34.0 Final2018-02-03 Version 34.0-beta42018-02-02 Version 34.0-beta22018-01-31 Version 33.12018-01-16 Version 33.0-beta32018-01-07 Version 33.0-beta2018-01-05 Version 32.02017-12-09 Version 31.62017-11-30 Version 31.4 [Plus]2017-11-17 Version 31.2 [Plus]2017-11-17 Version 30.3 [Plus]2017-11-15 Version 31.22017-11-15 Version 31.12017-11-15 Version 30.5beta62017-11-13 Version 30.52017-11-07 Version 3.12.42017-01-11 Version 3.12.32016-12-26 Version 3.11.52016-11-27 Version 3.11.42016-11-10 Version 3.11.22016-11-02 Version 3.10.22016-10-08 Version 3.9.62016-09-25 Version 3.9.12016-09-12 Version 3.9.02016-09-10 Version 3.8.52016-08-04 Version 3.8.42016-07-29 Version 3.8.22016-07-29 Version 3.8.0-beta 102016-06-29 Version 3.7.32015-12-28 Version 3.7.12015-12-23 Version 3.7.02015-12-22 Version 3.6.82015-10-17 Version 3.6.52015-10-08 Version 3.6.32015-10-06 Version 3.5.42015-09-10 Version 3.5.32015-09-08 Version 2.0.02015-08-28 Version 3.5.12015-07-22 Version 3.5.02015-07-08 Version 3.4.22015-05-20 Version 3.4.12015-05-15 Version 3.4.02015-04-22 Version 3.3.12015-03-25 Version 2.2.12015-03-23 Version 3.2.22015-02-24 Version 3.1.92015-01-17 Version 3.1.82015-01-14 Version 3.1.62015-01-08 Version 3.1.42014-12-24 Version 3.1.32014-12-21 Version 3.0.32014-12-16 Version 3.0.22014-12-16 Version 2.1.42014-10-19 Version 2.1.32014-10-09 Version 2.1.22014-07-08 Version 2.1.12014-06-25 Version 2.0.42014-03-28 Version 2.0.32013-12-30 Version 2.0.12013-12-26 Version Market2013-12-26
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Description · · · App Name:Action Launcher - Oreo + Pixel on your phone Latest:38.1 Size:Free English:English ROM:4.0.3 and up Size:4.1M Update:2018-12-25 Permissions: Permissions
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