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Shortcut Creator 2.7.2 [Pro]

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This application allows you to create shortcuts on local files and folders, applications, settings, contacts, messages and even you can customize shortcuts from other app. You can provide your own shortcut title and use many different features for customize shortcut icon: use icon of the related application, crop image exported from external gallery, import icons from file, use icon from external theme.
Some features required Pro mode (in-app purchase) but app does not block these features at first and give you a time for test theirs. In this Trial mode the behavior is absolutely IDENTICAL to Pro mode. So don't by Pro mode if you think that something will be changed.
On Android Oreo (8.0) there is a new way for add shortcuts on the main screen and the Launcher automatically add small Shortcut Creator icon a the right bottom corner of any shortcut icon. This could not be changed, hope some third party launcher can fix this.
For file shortcuts you can customize the app for opening the file, this is very helpful if you need to open only this particular file in some app. In the Android you can only setup default open app for one type of the file. For example, Android powered consoles contains many emulators which can open archives with ROMS. Actually the required emulator app related to type of the ROM in the archive, but all archives have the same type and Android system could not help in this situation. Also quality of playing some videos is better on one player but another player is better for other videos, so you can create shortcuts for your favorite videos and select the best player for each video. Providing fun icon for a cartoon allows your small children start up the cartoon without knowing its name.
There is an ability to create shortcuts on folders for quick access to the files. Some external file-browsers are supported or you can always use internal lightweight viewer.
There are already some predefined ways to create shortcuts on applications and contacts but this app also allow you customize the result shortcut to your own taste. This works only for home screen but it is not need to refuse your favorite launcher.
The app provide you rich set of system settings on which you can create shortcuts. In some cases you can interesting only is some particular settings and don't want to search its in standard settings app.
Via Transmutation feature you can change appearance of created shortcuts and re-add it again. Also you can import shortcut from other apps.
Features of Shortcut Creator:
- ability to create shortcuts on local files, applications, settings, contacts and messages.
- manage your icons collections and importing a new icon collection from zip archive (Pro mode required).
- select images from different Android galleries and rich crop functionality for create new icon from the selected image.
- parse themes for some popular Launchers and provide ability to use theirs icons (Pro mode required) and wallpapers.
- app has not write access to internal storage and sdcard and works only in its private area.
- support tablet devices.
Currently the app allows you buy Pro mode only. This mode provides following benefits:
- Import icons to the icon gallery.
- Use icons from themes.
- Removing any ad (if it will be added in the future) and other annoying dialogs.
Required permissions:
- Read your content on SDCard is required for select some local file which will be used as target for a shortcut.
- Read your contacts is required for selecting some contact which will be used as target for a shortcut.
- Install shortcuts is required for core functionality.
- Internet access is required only for advertising and is not used in other parts of the app.
On Android 6.0 there is a system ability to block access to your local file system and contacts – the app takes this into account and handle all cases correctly.



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