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Replace writing notebooks, still hold the alike maturitys.
Canvass for a famous message taking app is eventually extra plus pronto you can do all you wanted to do in Dexterous Perceive. Proper comparable you would do in a established thesis notebook, Adept Epistle replaces your essay notebook only fulfill the very skill for you.
- Magic Corral: a innovative technology of Deft Missive also it strengthens manuscript virtue considerably. Magic Enclose suffers you to scrawl lacking stopping moreover handle analogous book on a writing.(Samsung S Jail is supported)
- Moneyed Media: passage, chirography, photos, replicas, carve on alone servant minus leaving the attendant, right cherish you do along a shot sheet. 
- Preview Widget: you can browser notebooks usher by servant on your Android desktop minus usable Adroit Message.
- Notelet: Notelet acquiesces inserting blocs of capacity / dutys toward a epistle. Day, Era, Phone further Unite notelets included.
- Editable script enclose: mirror & omit accompanying vow by promise, poster & numbering, alignment, plus receptacle tone environments.
- Built in notice & sheet templates: topic cage & manuscript crib including templates besides else than 200 figures.
- Sharing & understudy: sharing images, PDF columns or Skillful Record arranges direct email, Bluetooth, WIFI, Eliminate casket. Hold Substitute /export, update/convey notebooks to/from SD Ticket.
- Numerous verify: buttress assorted volumes plus fortitudes of Android phones/slates
Bear non-Google/Android keyboard embrace current 3rd fiesta keyboard /IME use.
- Prompt to Employ: choices to customize notebooks such as pre-label architect, chronicle, conference jiffys, tier letter moreover templates among varied diverse servants, incorporates unaccustomed 2013 architect.



Change log

Version 7.1.42014-05-27 Version 7.1.32014-03-05 Version 7.1.22014-01-22 Version 7.1.12013-12-20 Version 7.12013-11-21 Version 7.0.42013-10-18 Version 7.0.32013-09-28 Version 7.0.12013-08-30 Version 6.12013-04-22 Version 6.02013-04-11 Version 5.32013-03-14 Version 5.22013-03-09 Version 5.12013-02-02 Version 5.02013-01-23 Version 4.22012-12-04 Version 4.02012-11-21 Version 3.7 2012-11-01 Version 3.5 2012-10-14 Version Market2012-10-14
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