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Overlays 6.9.6 build 208 [Final] [Pro]

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Overlays allows you to float your home screen widgets ANYWHERE!
• Show your favorite music widget on top of your navigation application!
• Float a calculator while writing documents.
• Make sure you still have battery when playing a game.
• Take notes while reading an eBook.
• And many more options...
* Overlays application does NOT contain the widgets. It only breaks the home screen limit and shows them where ever you want!

Main features:
• Cool in-house overlays - Clock, Battery, Weather, Missed calls, Unread SMS count and shortcuts! In-house overlays have unique preferences option to allow maximum flexibility!
• Create as many profiles as you want and switch between them easily.
• Application profiles (Paid only) - create profiles for each application! When the application starts, Overlays will show its profile and hide it when you leave the application. No action required from you.
• Rearange, Resize and Delete your overlays, even when you're using a different application! (long click to edit).
• Supports different positioning for portrait and landscape orientation.
• All home screen widgets are working, including Gmail and Messaging.
• Overlay transparency (alpha).


Change log

Version 6.9.6 build 208 [Final] [Pro]2020-05-17Version [Final] [Pro]2020-03-15Version 6.9 [Final] [Pro]2020-01-02Version 6.8.4 [Final] [Pro]2019-12-25Version 6.8 build 191 [Final] [Pro]2019-11-18Version 6.7.1 build 189 [Final] [Pro]2019-10-30Version 6.7 build 187 [Final] [Pro]2019-10-29Version 6.1.3 [Final] [Pro]2019-05-04Version 6.1.1 [Final] [Pro]2019-04-26Version 5.2 build 145 [Pro]2018-12-12Version 5.1.2 build 144 [Pro]2018-12-02Version 5.1.2 [Pro]2018-12-01Version 5.1.1 b142 [Pro]2018-12-01Version 5.1 build 139 [Pro]2018-11-30Version 5.1 [Pro]2018-11-28Version Final [Pro]2018-10-27Version Final [Pro]2018-10-27Version 5.0.2 Final [Pro]2018-10-26Version 4.3.1 [Pro]2018-07-24Version 4.3 [Pro]2018-07-19Version 4.1.5 build 117 [Pro]2018-05-15Version 4.1.4 build 116 [Pro]2018-05-01Version 4.1.2 build 114 [Pro]2018-02-10Version 4.1.1 build 113 [Pro]2018-02-03Version 4.1 build 112 [Pro]2018-02-02Version 4.1 build 110 [Pro]2018-02-01Version 4.1 build 109 [Pro]2018-01-31Version 4.1 [Pro]2018-01-30Version4.0.3 b107 [Pro]2017-11-30Version4.0.3 [Pro]2017-11-30Version4.0.2 [Pro]2017-11-22Version4.0.1 [Pro]2017-11-21Version4.0.1 Final [Pro]2017-11-21Version4.0 b103 Final [Pro]2017-11-20Version4.0 Final [Pro]2017-11-20Version4.0 RC [Pro]2017-11-19Version4.0-beta2 [Pro]2017-11-15Version4.0-beta build 96 [Pro]2017-11-13Version3.12017-05-05Version3.0.22017-04-27Version3.0.12017-04-25Version3.02017-04-21Version2.5.52016-08-01Version2.5.42016-03-28Version2.5.22016-03-14Version2.4.12015-12-28Version2.42015-12-07Version7.3.52015-10-23Version5.5.92015-10-23Version2.3.52015-10-22Version2.3.42015-08-24Version2.3.32015-08-19Version2.3.12015-05-24Version2.1.32014-12-05Version2.1.22014-11-21Version2.1.12014-09-06Version2.0.22014-08-13Version1.0.8.12013-04-27Version1.0.82013-04-22Version1.0.62013-04-12Version1.0.5.12013-04-10Version1.0.32013-04-06VersionMarket2013-04-06
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