百度导航 Baidu map navigation 4.7.15

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As an essential tool for travel by car, Baidu navigation (offline) Android version shock release!
Right! Is offline, without an Internet connection 0 traffic navigation, want to check on the investigation, would like to stay away, way to worry! Without worrying about the phone signal, all-weather travel a good helper, Baidu provides detailed map query navigation, precise voice guidance, professional car navigation experience.
1 new offline navigation experience, retrieval, planning, navigation of all off-line;
2 intelligent search, semantic understanding, accurate positioning;
3 massive electronic eye data, breaking away from the ticket;
4 covering the major cities of intersection Enlargement, complex junctions, easy to grasp;
5 gas stations, parking, car service, food, hotel ...... million service information for your search, driving, life balance;
6 Simple operation, fast navigation. Meet the driving scenes, various functions can quickly initiated.
7. Reasonable route plan, precise voice guidance, to give you simple and reliable car navigation experience.



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Version 4.7.152016-06-24 Version 4.7.112015-11-30 Version 4.7.102015-08-21 Version 4.7.02015-06-05 Version 4.1.22014-09-25 Version 4.0.12014-09-05 Version 3.6.12014-07-28 Version 3.5.02014-05-28 Version 3.4.02014-04-28 Version 3.3.02014-04-02 Version 3.2.22014-03-24 Version 3.2.12014-01-29 Version 3.2.02014-01-21 Version 3.0.02013-11-12 Version 1.0.22013-05-24 Version Market2013-05-24
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