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Go Jetters, Go! Introducing the first official Go Jetters app! Safe, ad-free fun for your little ones. Help the Go Jetters as they travel around the world fixing glitches caused by Grandmaster Glitch!
Key Features:
• Collaborative gameplay with one to four players working together to collectively thwart Grandmaster Glitch.
• Take your turn to spin the globe and travel to 10 different famous locations.
• Play over 40 exciting mini-games with a variety of gameplay styles designed to appeal to the youngest and oldest of Go Jetters fans.
• Fresh content with a different set of mini-games every time you play.
• Learn educational facts about all of the locations you visit.
• Encourages sharing, helping and social interaction between players
Game Types:
• Jigsaw
Pieces of landmarks have been removed by Grandmaster Glitch. Place the missing pieces back into the right location.
• Grimbot Spot
Grimbots are hiding around the world’s locations. Search the areas and try to spot them all.
• Letter Tracing
Grandmaster Glitch has been drawing letters on landmarks. Learn letter writing skills by tracing the letters and clearing the monuments.
• Un-Shrink
Grandmaster Glitch has shrunk the famous landmarks. Tap to use the shrink ray and return them to normal size.
• De-Glitch
Grandmaster Glitch has been making famous landmarks look like himself. Remove all the Glitch pieces to get them back to normal.
• Stacking
Grandmaster Glitch has been deconstructing monuments. Use balancing skills to stack them back together.
• Rubout
Mist, fog and sandstorms are covering up locations around the world. Rub the screen to clear things up.
• Whack-a-mole
Grimbots are popping up all over the landmarks. Catch them quickly before they go back into hiding.
Customer Care: If you experience any technical issues with this app please get in touch. Most issues can be easily fixed and we are happy to help. Contact us at Privacy: This app does not collect or store any personal data from your device. View our privacy policy here: About Scary Beasties: Scary Beasties is a mobile and online games designer and developer. A Scary Beasties production for BBC Worldwide


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