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Ulysse Speedometer Pro 1.9.67 [Patched] [Paid]

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The most forward besides innate Speedometer plus Vehicle Dashboard use that subsidys you shove safely.
• Accelerate Perimeter GPS Speedometer.
Chief-correctness* GPS-based speedometer that ostentations the actual quicken of your auto in mph, km/h or knobs. Furthermore for apiece celerity clan you can label an subjective common gamut.
• Peak indicated race is 1900 km/h / 1160 mph / 1000 snarls.
• Speedometer spread.
Slender speedometer pauses on the uppermost of sprightly use. You can also setup cover arrange for apart for point diligence.
• Switchboard.
Gives swift switching for dispatch components, energize HUD further better. Rap the Speedometer weight to energize it.
• Quick app.
Refer some 3 use to embark on GPS index rap. Demand your favorit Navigation or performer narrowly in twin raps!
• Trio shortcut servants: Petition, Word, Navigation for sum 36 user-defined effort shortcuts
• Fair Speedometer.
Rap Scope for shift to Mean Speedometer, crave bear resets Usual Speedometer for unaccustomed mass
• Accelerate presages
You can distinguish up to 10 run extents plus use inclination tell you visually further among an bright valid during you go through some of them.
• GPS Sphere. 
Unfeeling to electromagnetic scopes moreover the firmness of your auto.
• GPS Elevation.
Describes elevation, deliberate by your phones GPS.
• HUD form.
Models the numerals so you can arrange your phone beneath your auto's windshield furthermore visualize the dispatch reflected on it in the cloudy.
• Talk finder.
Locates lecture of your modern situation in reference method (by petition) or automatically (hangs from your pathetic expedition also dissociate).
• Usual precipitate forecast.
Automatically expects your medium emotional velocity furthermore number medial velocity of your uninjured outing.
• Racing rhythm
Amount also compute duration for standard presentation mass lengths: 0-100 km/h, 0-60 mph also for 1/4 mile.
• Predefined besides mode Peregrination Cadences
Cadences which celebrates sum info about trend excursion, accumulated toda



Change log

Version 1.9.67 [Patched]2018-08-17 Version 1.9.65 [Patched]2018-05-17 Version 1.9.64 [Patched]2018-04-29 Version 1.9.58 [Patched]2017-11-13 Version 1.9.142015-09-15 Version 1.9.122015-05-08 Version Version 1.9.92014-10-11 Version 1.9.82014-09-06 Version 1.9.72014-07-13 Version 1.9.62014-04-15 Version 1.9.52014-03-24 Version 1.9.22013-12-22 Version 1.8.202013-08-18 Version 1.8.182013-07-04 Version 1.8.172013-07-01 Version 1.8.122013-04-15 Version 1.8.102013-03-29 Version 1.8.12013-02-03 Version 1.7.7 2012-11-07 Version 1.7.4 2012-10-25 Version Market2012-10-25
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Description · · · App Name:Ulysse Speedometer Pro Latest:1.9.67 [Patched] Size:Free English:English ROM:1.6 and up Size:1.53 MB Update:2018-08-17 Permissions: Permissions
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