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Glitch Pong  1.1

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Keep your ball inside the circle. Use the arrows to turn the circle. Each time the ball hits the circle you receive points. Be careful though, each segment of the circle is damaged when you hit it, and is destroyed after a couple of hits. Luckily we've added boosters to make it a little easier, or not :) Try to get the best high-score and who knows, you might be the next King of Glitch Pong.

While playing you will see icons randomly appear inside the circle. If you hit these icons with your glitch-ball you will get positive or negative boosters that influence the game. Mostly these boosters will enable you to play a little longer, but some boosters are a real pain in the ass.

â—† Glitch Heal:
Restores the most damaged segments of your circle, enabling you to play a little longer.

â—† Glitch Shield:
Temporarily deploys a shield on your remaining circle segments. These segments won't break.

â—† Glitch Circle:
Get a second outer circle to enhance your chances of keeping the ball inside.

â—† Glitch Balls:
Get three extra smaller balls to get more points faster. Be careful though, they will break the circle too.

â—† Glitch Time:
Randomly speeds up or slows down time. Making it easier or harder to keep your ball inside the circle.

â—† Glitch Wall:
Sometimes glitch walls appear inside the circle. These walls will bounce your ball in any direction.

If you experience any issues downloading or playing the game, please send an email to [email protected] and tell us about your problem in detail. Any information will be helpful to identify and fix the issue!


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