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Ice Box - Apps freezer 3.9.0 G [Pro]

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This app requires root permission.

Ice Box is a box to freeze and store the apps you dislike but sometime have to use.

Apps in box will be hidden form launcher and won't be able to steal your battery or cellular data in background. You can easily launch them form Ice Box, just like launch form a home screen folder. They'll be frozen automatically after screen lock and can't do anything in background.

Long press app icon to:
- Run App.
- Freeze/Defrost app.
- View App's system detail.
- Open on Google Play.
- Uninstall.



Change log

Version 3.9.0 G [Pro]2018-09-26Version 3.8.6 G [Pro]2018-07-06Version 3.8.5 build 768 [Pro]2018-06-26Version 3.8.1 [Pro]2018-06-15Version 3.8.0 build 756 [Pro]2018-06-14Version 3.8.0 build 749 [Pro]2018-04-25Version 3.8.0 build 747 [Pro]2018-04-15Version 3.7.6 build 744 [Pro]2018-04-13Version 3.7.5 [Pro]2018-04-10Version 3.7.0 build 728 [Pro]2018-04-03Version 3.7.0 build 723 [Pro]2018-04-01Version 3.7.0 G build 715 [Pro]2018-03-25Version 3.7.0 G build 712 [Pro]2018-03-23Version 3.6.2 build 709 Beta [Pro]2018-03-23Version 3.6.1 build 707 [Pro]2018-03-22Version 3.6.0 build 706 Beta [Pro]2018-03-22Version 3.6.0 build 701 Beta [Pro]2018-03-21Version 3.5.2 build 691 Beta [Pro]2018-03-15Version 3.5.1 G [Pro]2018-03-13Version 3.5.0 build 680 Beta [Pro]2018-03-13Version 3.5.0 build 677 Beta [Pro]2018-03-12Version 3.5.1 Beta b676 [Pro]2018-03-12Version 3.5.0 Beta [Pro]2018-03-11Version 3.4.1 build 655 Beta [Pro]2018-03-07Version 3.4.1 Beta [Pro]2018-03-05Version 3.4.0 G Final [Pro]2018-03-04Version 3.2.0 G [Pro]2018-01-28Version 3.2.0 Beta [Pro]2018-01-27Version 3.2.0 Beta [Pro]2018-01-25Version G [Pro]2018-01-18Version 3.1.9 G build 583 [Pro]2018-01-09Version 3.1.9 G [Pro]2018-01-09Version Beta [Pro]2018-01-06Version 3.1.7 G [Pro]2017-12-21Version 3.1.7 Beta [Pro]2017-12-20Version 3.1.6 G [Pro]2017-12-10Version 3.1.6 Beta [Pro]2017-12-09Version3.1.5 Beta [Pro]2017-12-05Version3.1.5 Final [Pro]2017-12-02Version3.1.5 Beta [Pro]2017-11-26Version3.1.415 Final [Pro]2017-11-25Version3.1.415 Beta [Pro]2017-11-22Version3.1.41 G [Pro]2017-11-20Version3.1.4.1 G Beta [Pro]2017-11-18Version3.1.4 G Final [Pro]2017-11-15Version3.1.3 G Beta [Pro]2017-11-14Version3.1.2 G Beta [Pro]2017-11-13Version3.1.1 G [Pro]2017-11-12Version3.1.1 G [Pro]2017-11-12Version3.1.0 G Final [Pro]2017-11-11Version3.0.8 G Final [Pro]2017-11-10Version3.0.6 G Final [Pro]2017-11-08Version3.0.4 G Final [Pro]2017-11-05Versionv3.0.0 Beta 14 G [Pro]2017-10-30Version2.1.12017-03-01Version2.1.02017-02-19Version2.1.0 beta2017-02-09Version2.0.82016-12-11Version2.0.72016-12-01Version2.0.62016-11-22Version2.0.52016-11-15Version2.0.42016-11-14Version2.0.32016-10-28Version2.0.22016-10-21Version2.02016-10-13Version1.6.02016-08-12Version1.5.22016-08-01Version1.5.12016-07-26Version1.5.02016-07-19Version1.4.12016-06-26Version1.4.02016-06-21Version1.3.72016-06-16Version1.3.62016-05-02Version1.3.52016-04-25Version1.3.42016-04-19Version1.3.32016-04-13Version1.3.22016-04-06Version1.3.02016-04-01Version1.2.32016-03-29Version1.2.22016-03-23Version1.2.02016-03-17Version1.1.62016-03-14Version1.1.52016-03-09Version1.1.22016-03-01Version1.1.12016-02-28Version1.0.72016-02-19Version1.0.62016-02-06Version1.0.52016-01-31Version1.0.32016-01-25Version1.0.02016-01-21Version0.9.9 beta2016-01-19Version0.9.6 beta2016-01-17Version0.9.5 beta2016-01-14Version0.9.1 beta2016-01-11Version0.7.2 beta2015-12-28Version0.7.1 beta2015-12-25Version0.7 beta2015-12-23Version0.6.3 beta2015-12-15Version0.6.1 beta2015-12-07Version0.6 beta2015-12-02Version0.5 beta2015-11-30Version0.4 beta2015-11-25Version0.3 beta2015-11-16VersionMarket2015-11-16
Description · · ·App Name:Ice Box - Apps freezerLatest:3.9.0 G [Pro]Size:FreeEnglish:EnglishROM:4.0.3 and upSize:2.8MUpdate:2018-09-26Permissions:Permissions
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