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Do you usually forget to silent your phone for those times, at which you should keep it silent?

Like Meeting time, Prayer time, School time, Lecture time, Sleep time, Work hours or any Busy hours....
But now you don't need to remember.

Because with our free user-friendly app you can schedule those times for which you want to keep your phone silent or in vibration mode.
You can choose 'Start Time' and 'End Time' for a Schedule or some Hours and Minutes for Instant, during which you want to keep your phone silent.
Schedule can be repeated on specific days, for every day or for just once but Instant will run immediately until specified time.

So now lets live with ease and never feel embarrassed from ringing phone.


Auto Reply to Caller:
Keeps your callers informed during scheduled time periods and don't let anyone misunderstand you.
You can select auto reply to callers and Mute Scheduler will send message to missed callers.
By default auto generated message will be send containing formatted schedule's title and end time.
You can also replace it to your desired message.

Favorite Peoples:
Mute Scheduler doesn't just keep your phone silent but also manage your callers, so you can never miss your special ones.
Your can enforce your phone to ring during scheduled time period for peoples that you add in favorite contacts in your phone's default contact's app
or you can select ring for all contacts in which only unknowns caller will remain silent.

Schedule End Alarm:
You don't need an alarm app. Mute Scheduler will wake you when you finish a schedule.
You can set alarm at the end of schedule. An alarm will play when that schedule going to finish.

Instant Mute Widget:
Now Instant Mute only one touch away with new Widget.
You can Mute or Vibrate your phone Instantly for some hours or minutes and when the time expires, previous ringer mode will be activated.
You can also set auto reply to caller for Instant.

Mute Scheduler is optimized for all kind of users and it is very user-friendly app and has pleasant new Material look and feel. You can easily manage and use it in your daily life.

Supports Multiple Languages:
Mute Scheduler is available in 40 languages to support users all over the world. You can select your language from app settings even if your mobile does not support it.
Supporting languages are:
한국어, 日本語, 简体中文, اردو, العربية, فارسی, বাংলা, हिन्दी, नेपाली, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Português, русский язык, Español, ελληνικά, Română, Türkçe, ไทย, svenska, Bahasa Indonesia, Nederlands, български език, Magyar, Dansk, Latīna, Bahasa Melayu, Català, Suomi, עברית, Norsk, Українська, Tiếng việt, српски, Gaeilge, Čeština, Polski, Afrikaans, Azərbaycan.

Many new features will come soon like
- Adding location to your schedule where you want to keep your phone silent.
- Adding customized profiles to your schedule for all main settings of your phone.
i.e. Turn on or off WiFi, Network, Bluetooth, GPS and all specified main settings of your phone
- And much more....

Dear users, this app supports all android major versions and devices (from 2.3 and up). If it is not working on your device, please let us know what is not working and detail about your device by sending us email or describe it on our social pages. Please help us to be better by your support and feedback.
You can email us at:
You can follow us on:


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