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Popular notepad app Listair is the most simple notepad in the world.

Listair is rounded notepad application of balance with an emphasis on simplicity and functionality. Work To Do, shopping list, ideas list
Such as favorite artists summary of YouTube, how it could range, but I can display them in the most easy to see the simple.
In fact, even in the process of making this app, as a To Do list, we have done a tremendous contribution. Also As can be accepted in person you are unfamiliar to the application, and has been designed to easy to see simple. By all means, please try this free notepad app "Listair".

☆ introduces the five functional

Conversational (hierarchical)
- As can be seen in the bulletin board, it can be noted in conversation format. In particular, such as the idea, because the ask myself as it is capable of recording, and then you see also history that idea is born, you can be above all fun note.
In addition, it will be able to capture even as bullets.
Try using some of the memo application, bullets are easily summarized most, because I felt that the easy-to-understand, we end up in such style. Simple is the best.

Favorite Sort
• The high frequency file to use when the application is launched a was to see first and foremost.
You can do the favorite setting is divided into five stages. This way, you would rather not have to perform the troublesome work to find the file.

- Absolutely can not be represented in the character part, you can paste to take photos with quick camera. It is possible to photograph on the net also paste, can also be used for photo management. In addition, since the corresponding to the thumbnail display of Youtube, you can even put together your favorite artists.

URL jump
- By calling the share from the browser, you can paste the URL. Please use as a bookmark function. As Good, and paste it into a hierarchy of child URL two or more, and after selecting the parent, and the URL to jump, it is able to open at once more than one URL. Now, you do not have to each time traversing the app and the browser.

Tag Search
· This is an implementation plan in a post-release update, but I want to be able to search by tag. For example, you can so as to display only to keep and, question to register the tag [doubt]. In the even of each page the other, there is a search function, we have devised so that it can be easily seen in the search highlights.


Change log

Version 1.5.42017-03-28 Version 1.5.32017-02-27 Version 1.5.22017-02-12 Version 1.4.62017-01-21 Version 1.4.12016-12-10 Version 1.4.02016-12-08 Version 1.3.92016-11-30 Version 1.3.52016-11-09 Version 1.3.42016-10-28 Version 1.3.32016-10-24 Version 1.3.12016-10-17 Version 1.3.02016-10-08 Version 1.2.92016-10-02 Version 1.2.72016-08-20 Version 1.2.62016-08-05 Version 1.2.52016-08-01 Version 1.2.42016-07-11 Version 1.2.32016-06-12 Version 1.2.12016-05-09 Version 1.1.92016-04-20 Version 1.1.42016-04-13 Version 1.1.32016-03-28 Version 1.1.22016-03-11 Version 1.1.12016-02-24 Version 1.1.02016-02-05 Version 1.0.82016-01-22 Version 1.0.72016-01-11 Version 1.0.62016-01-04 Version 1.0.52015-12-17 Version Market2015-12-17
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