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High Precision Speedometer & Odometer - TripMaster 2.01

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TripMaster is a beautiful and amazingly accurate speedometer and odometer designed to enhance your driving experience. Use the app to augment, replace or verify the information provided by your vehicle's built-in meters.
In addition to featuring several flashy odometer and speedometer styles, the app also comes with a free trip recorder.
Download TripMaster and you'll get all these terrific features:
✔️ Maps styled for day and night use show all your speedometer stats and your location as you are moving.
✔️ Map, save and share your journeys as kml files and view them in Google Earth.
✔️ Speed alarm. Drive safely and avoid traffic tickets! A warning alert will sound when your vehicle's speed exceeds the limit.
✔️ Driving Compass.
✔️ Separate odometers for trip and total distance traveled.
✔️ Heads up display (HUD). All speedometers can be set to display a mirror-image so that you can reflect the screen off your windshield or specialized HUD display.
✔️ Every speedometer style goes full-screen in both portrait and landscape modes- even on tablets.
✔️ Trip charge meter. Apply charges for distance traveled. Print out the trip charges as a csv file and submit them to your employer for travel reimbursement or for tax purposes.
✔️ TripMaster's Trip Manager. A user-editable database where all recorded trips are saved with detailed statistics including:
• Distance and all points traveled (for mapping).
• Exact departure and arrival dates.
• Departure and arrival times and locations.
• Trip duration.
• Average and maximum speeds.

✔️ Great for fleet logging.
✔️ Makes an excellent odometer, speedometer and route recorder for your bicycle whether you are mountain biking or on the road.
✔️ Auto-start recording. Recording begins as soon as the app is opened so you do not have to fiddle with your phone to set up your recordings. When you have reached your destination, keep the recording or discard it if you do not need it.
✔️ Travel backup and restore: Back up your data at anytime as a kml file. If you change phones you can easily import all your trips back into the application using the application's file import feature.
Get the most complete and accurate speedometer for any android device. Only on Google Play.
By the makers of Polaris Navigation GPS.


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