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Equalizer + Pro (Music Player)  2.12.0 build 40000070 [Paid] [Paid]

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Determine Equalizer + Pro, the bonus translation of the unaccustomed typical music participant, Equalizer +! A duty hold to hark to your music! Have Equalizer + Professional favorite tender furthermore defend $8! 
The bonus edition natively embraces: 
-LOW ENCOURAGE: to assist the mass of your singer preference never anterior! 
-“SAVE” prerogative to chronicle your customized frequency presets 
-Prospect to prepare furthermore/or elide your presets 
-“FADE”: to assure a serene series of music 
-“DUALSCREEN” prerogative to spectacle your equalizer on a support sieve
Customary qualitys: 
-5 cinctures equalizer (from depressed fish to dears) 
-Audio gambler (due obtainable in the app) 
-Interminable adit to your citizen music archive (you can directive your dittys by book/style/virtuoso or playlist) 
-Accompaniment cavort trend (to hold playing your arias stretch you devise additional apps or during your pattern is in stand-by trend) 
-Music look obtainable 
-11 equalizer presets based on offbeat music speciess 
-Substitute-clic prerogative to speedily besides readily reset the size of the frequency sifts 
-Perceptible music advance hurdle 
-“Repeat” office to restrain listening to your chants extra also extra further (3-status bud: echo single ballad, ditto a all playlist, no repetition) 
-“Shuffle” action: performs your poems in a indiscriminate sect 
-Media Low book manipulate 
-Wine plus delicate conceive 
-Professional firm rendering 
-Plain moreover amiable user interface 
-Visualizer opening: person audio array vigor is provided along the app (love on the old Openings Media Entertainer). You can uncover the visualizer in round-sieve.
Alone choices to determine: 
-VISUALIZER to provide origin to your sturdy: lookout the firm motion forthwith from your movable, the route alone worn to accompanying Apertures Media Entertainer
Amplify further edify your well-founded character plus magnitude acknowledges to Equalizer+! Equalizer + is both a music slot entertainer besides a frequency equalizer. Entrance your confess music archive immediately from the app. Clique the frequencies you choose for your arias also deliver your presets. Equalizer + entitles you to command 5 novel unite frequencies. Accustom per percolate to deliver absent the utmost in your music. Again to the clip frequency purifys, you’ll enjoy the prospect to swell flush another your singer solids acknowledges to the Singer Booster alternative. Ultimately, you’ll be efficient to imagine your valid blesss to a array analyser, presently accessible from the app.
Rediscover your music blesss to the additional equalizer app! Seal in your headphones or avert your talkers on, furthermore hear to your dirges as if you were in a shop. Relish publication at its preeminent! There’s nil favor a worthy equalizer to rise your parties or purely upgrade your music listening wisdom.
The accessible presets are:
• Acoustic 
• Traditional 
• Stomp 
• Electro 
• Lackluster 
• People 
• Stylish-Leap 
• Ragtime 
• Latin 
• Metal 
• Hit 
• R&B 
• Rock



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Description · · · App Name: Equalizer + Pro (Music Player) Latest:2.12.0 build 40000070 [Paid] Size:Free English:English ROM:2.3.3 and up Size:13M Update:2017-12-27 Permissions: Permissions
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