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Drivemode - Driving Interface  7.5.19 [Premium]

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Drivemode is a driving app with a “no look” interface that allows you to focus on the road ahead, not your phone, while accessing music, navigation, calls, texts and more. The beauty of Drivemode is that it works in any car, eliminating the need for a pricey upgrade, and it is free. When you are in driving mode, it works with your navigation apps, like Google Maps and Waze and your music apps, like Spotify and Google Music Player. With Drive mode, it is easy to do things like change songs, update your destination and make or accept calls using only broad swipes and taps.

Media coverage / awards
- Best 5 New Free Android Apps, Tech News Today, August 2015
- "It's so intuitive and simple that you could use the Drivemode app for Android while blindfolded, but don't try that while driving"- CNET
- "Drivemode has developed an Android app that lets you use your phone without actually looking at it." - Techcrunch
- The Grand Winner of the Android Application Award 2014

As you get used to it, you would be able to use the app without looking at the screen. The driving mode utilizes a combination of voice narration, bright colors and large animation to let you use your phone screen using only your peripheral vision. It especially works well when you have a car mount or car dock on your dashboard, but those are not required.

We are continually working to add new features to Drivemode. Please reach out to us directly at [email protected] if you have any feedback or questions, we would love to hear from you!

Key benefits
★ Simple music control- just swipe and tap. Drive mode works with your favorite apps, like Waze, Google Maps, Pandora and Spotify.
★ Make and answer calls without blocking your navigation with driving mode.
★ Learns about you to recommend a destination or person to contact, before you need to dig through your phone to find it.
★ Safe Driving Mode – no more switching back and forth between apps or texting and driving with your eyes off the road

- Turn on "Drive mode" automatically by pairing with Bluetooth in your car.
- Update your navigation destination in one touch when a text message with street address is received
- Destination recommendation engine using your driving history, calendar events and text messages
- Customize your communication settings to ignore or auto-reply to calls and messages to avoid texting and driving and promote safe driving
- Incoming messages can be read aloud, so you don't have to look
- Music Player (compatible with most music apps such as Google Play Music, Pandora, Spotify, Samsung Music Player) can be controlled without covering your navigation screen
- Automatic navigation selector and recommended destinations (compatible with most navigation apps such as Google Maps and Waze)
- Overlay phone call, transparent screen allows you to see your navigation & map when a phone call comes in
- Contact voice search mode
- Night driving mode
- Works great with a car mount or car dock on your dashboard for driving mode

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Change log

Version 7.5.19 [Premium]2019-09-14Version 7.4.9 [Premium]2018-12-19Version 7.4.8 [Premium]2018-12-11Version 7.4.7 [Premium]2018-11-28Version 7.4.0 [Premium]2018-10-04Version 7.3.5 [Premium]2018-09-12Version 7.3.4 build 7030401 [Premium]2018-09-06Version 7.3.4 [Premium]2018-09-04Version 7.3.3 [Premium]2018-08-28Version 7.3.2 [Premium]2018-08-17Version 7.3.1 [Premium]2018-08-10Version 7.3.0 [Premium]2018-08-02Version 7.2.9 [Premium]2018-07-21Version 7.2.8 [Premium]2018-07-10Version 7.2.7 [Premium]2018-07-03Version 7.2.6 [Premium]2018-06-27Version 7.2.5 [Premium]2018-06-15Version 7.2.4 [Premium]2018-06-05Version 7.2.3 [Premium]2018-05-30Version 7.2.2 [Premium]2018-05-22Version 7.2.1 [Premium]2018-05-16Version 7.2.0 [Premium]2018-05-10Version 7.1.2 [Premium]2018-04-24Version 7.1.1 [Premium]2018-04-18Version 7.1.0 [Premium]2018-04-03Version 7.0.19 [Premium]2018-03-27Version 8.0.0 [Premium]2018-03-21Version 7.0.18 [Premium]2018-03-21Version 7.0.17 [Premium]2018-03-07Version 7.0.16 [Premium]2018-03-05Version 7.0.15 [Premium]2018-02-19Version 7.0.14 [Premium]2018-02-06Version 7.0.13 [Premium]2018-01-30Version 7.0.12 [Premium]2018-01-25Version 7.0.11 [Premium]2018-01-19Version 7.0.10 [Premium]2018-01-17Version 7.0.9 [Premium]2018-01-16Version 7.0.8 [Premium]2018-01-15Version 7.0.7 [Premium]2017-12-29Version 7.0.2 [Premium]2017-12-23Version 7.0.1 [Premium]2017-12-20Version 7.0.0 [Premium]2017-12-19Version 6.2.2 [Premium]2017-12-12Version6.2.1 [Premium]2017-12-06Version6.2.0 [Premium]2017-12-01Version6.1.2 [Premium]2017-11-28Version6.1.1 [Premium]2017-11-24Version6.1.0 build 6010003 [Premium]2017-11-19Version6.1.0 [Premium]2017-11-18Version6.0.3 [Premium]2017-11-17Version6.0.2 [Premium]2017-11-09Version6.0.1 [Premium]2017-11-09Version5.2.02017-04-26Version5.1.232017-04-20Version5.1.222017-04-18Version5.1.212017-04-05Version5.1.192017-03-13Version5.1.172017-02-22Version5.1.152017-02-20Version5.1.142017-02-11Version5.1.82017-01-30Version5.1.72017-01-15Version5.1.12016-12-29Version5.0.82016-12-19Version5.0.72016-12-15Version5.0.02016-11-22Version4.13.02016-11-18Version4.12.32016-11-11Version4.12.22016-11-05Version4.12.02016-10-29Version4.11.32016-10-24Version4.11.12016-10-21Version4.11.02016-10-15Version4.10.52016-10-08Version4.10.42016-10-03Version4.10.22016-10-02Version4.10.12016-09-23Version4.10.02016-09-18Version4.9.02016-09-02Version4.8.72016-08-29Version4.8.42016-08-18Version4.7.22016-07-29Version4.7.12016-07-29Version4.6.72016-07-15Version4.6.52016-07-13Version4.6.32016-07-08Version4.6.02016-07-05Version4.5.82016-06-29Version4.5.72016-06-24Version4.5.52016-06-17Version4.5.22016-06-02Version4.4.22016-05-26Version4.4.02016-05-23Version4.3.22016-05-20Version4.3.02016-05-12Version4.2.42016-05-10Version4.2.32016-05-06Version4.2.22016-05-03Version4.1.22016-04-29Version4.0.12016-04-25Version4.0.02016-04-20Version3.9.32016-04-18Version3.8.32016-04-11Version3.8.22016-04-07Version3.7.02016-04-05Version3.6.82016-03-30Version3.6.62016-03-22Version3.6.42016-03-20Version3.6.32016-03-18Version3.6.22016-03-14Version3.4.22016-03-02Version3.2.72016-02-19Version3.2.42016-02-15Version2.9.22016-02-03Version2.8.02016-01-29Version2.7.12016-01-26Version2.6.72016-01-18Version2.6.52016-01-11Version2.6.42016-01-07Version2.6.22015-12-31Version2.5.32015-12-28Version2.5.12015-12-14Version2.5.02015-12-09Version2.4.32015-12-07Version2.4.12015-12-03Version2.3.82015-11-18Version2.3.72015-11-16Version2.3.62015-11-12Version2.3.52015-11-04Version2.3.32015-11-02Version2.3.12015-10-29Version2.2.12015-10-08Version2.1.22015-09-14Version2.1.02015-09-08VersionMarket2015-09-08
Description · · ·App Name: Drivemode - Driving Interface Latest:7.5.19 [Premium]Size:FreeEnglish:EnglishROM:4.0.3 and upSize:7.7MUpdate:2019-09-14Permissions:Permissions
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