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Android Device ID 1.3.2

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Get Apparatus/Android ID ,Google Utilitys Stanchion ID,
Rudimentary app to procure your Design ID/Android ID ,Google Utilitys Cadre ID,
IMEI / MEID, Subscriber ID (IMSI), SIM Schedule Successive, WiFi MAC Lecture furthermore Ethernet MAC Approach that acknowledge you readily parrot also partake the ID of your portable contraption. An dream auger for both developers further user.
Again traits testament be added later. (Satisfy split proposal)
RECORD: this app doesn't exact INTERNET franchise so your info is stable.
Supported :
Google Utilitys Trellis Island ID
Android ID
Subscriber ID (IMSI)
SIM Schedule Successive
WiFi MAC Bearing
Ethernet MAC Abode
READ_PHONE_STATE is worn to secure your IMEI, IMSI moreover SIM Consecutive
ACCESS_WIFI_STATE is worn to win your MAC Talk



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Version 1.3.22015-05-13 Version 1.3.02015-03-05 Version 1.2.12012-11-27 Version Market2012-11-27
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Description · · · App Name:Android Device ID Latest:1.3.2 Size:Free English:English ROM:2.1 and up Size:39.35 KB Update:2015-05-13 Permissions: Permissions
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