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Grumpy Mornings Are History With Sleep Diary!
Get a better start to the day using your Android device to wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed.
Sleep Diary is an all-in-one sleep cycle alarm clock that analyzes your sleep patterns to help you get a better rhythm improving your wellness and fitness. In conjunction with the Smart Alarm, that wakes you in the light sleep phase, Sleep Diary can help to improve your overall heath and feel fit for the day.
Use the statistics report and your own personal diary entries to understand your sleep cycle and get a better rhythm for a good nights sleep.
Simple to use. Place on your bed and just press "Start".
* Sleep Cycle monitors you movement during sleep using the phone accelerometer.
* Sleep Calculator for best time to sleep / wake up
* Sleep Calculator widget for your home screen
* Widget for Sleep Calculator to add to your home screen
* Advanced statistics and charts to help you visualize and understand your sleep cycle. 
* Record your entry sleep in the diary.
* Smart Alarm that awakes you in the light sleep phase so that you feel fit and fresh.
* Using our Soft Alarm the gradually increases in volume is more relaxing then most alarms. 
* Resume Tracking feature allows you stop and restart the tracking within 10 minutes.
* Configurable Alarms including sound & music selection, snooze time and activities.
* Auto backup option to keep your data safe along with export options (export data as CSV and charts) so you can further analyze your personal statistics.
* Works great as an alarm & diary without tracking, if so required.
* Optimized to minimize battery drain.
* Italian, English & German Languages Supported.


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