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F-Stop Media Gallery 5.1.4 build 234 [Pro Mod]

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F-Stop Media Gallery is designed for everyone. If you are a professional photographer that needs to tag your photos for stock photography or the proud parent who wants to quickly access all the soccer photos from the game last week, F-Stop Media Gallery has got you covered.
Organizing your photos and videos has never been so easy and intuitive. F-Stop is the ONLY Android application that uses the information already saved inside your photos (known as metadata) to manage your media. F-Stop uses industry standards so it can read metadata created by popular desktop applications such as Picasa™, Windows Live™ Photo Gallery, Lightroom®, Aperture®, or any program that uses these standards. This allows you to keep your tags and ratings that are created outside of F-Stop Media Gallery and sort by the actual date taken — not the date last modified like most apps.
Use the Albums feature to further organize your media. Create custom albums by manually adding your photos and videos or use Smart Albums to automatically populate albums with the media that matches simple conditions. And with the Pro version, you get access to the very powerful Nested Album feature.
Finally, protecting your images and videos with a password is very easy in F-Stop Media Gallery. Once protected, your media will be hidden from other gallery applications.
* NEW - Embed your tags and ratings directly into your JPG images and/or write sidecar files for all other supported file types. 
* * NEW - Nested folders
* Lightning fast browsing experience
* Organize using standard albums, smart albums, or nested albums
* Read metadata directly from your images (EXIF, XMP, IPTC)
* Sort by actual date taken
* Easily include or exclude folders
* Customizable thumbnail bar in image viewer
* Display full EXIF data
* Password protection for privacy
* Localization support
* Browse by folder, album, tag, rating, and more
* Save zoom and position for each image - no need to crop
* Slideshow mode with slide and fade transition types
* Basic file operations such as copy, move, delete and rename
* Share using popular programs such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox, Picasa, Skitch, Evernote, Google+ and more
* Easily edit with external apps like the stock gallery, PicSay Pro, Photo Editor, AfterFocus Pro, Camera ZOOM FX, PicsArt and more
* Optimized interface for tablets such as the Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Kindle Fire HD, Transformer Pad Infinity, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Asus Transformer Prime.



Change log

Version 5.1.4 build 234 [Pro Mod]2018-12-11 Version 5.1.3 build 233 [Pro Mod]2018-12-05 Version 5.1.1 build 231 [Pro Mod]2018-12-04 Version 5.1.0 [Pro Mod]2018-10-24 Version 5.0.2 build 226 [Pro Mod]2018-10-02 Version 5.0.1 build 224 [Pro Mod]2018-09-30 Version 5.0.1 build 224 + Key2018-09-29 Version 5.0.1 [Pro Mod]2018-09-27 Version 5.0.0 [Pro Mod]2018-09-17 Version 4.9.19b11 [Pro Mod]2018-09-14 Version 4.9.19b10 [Pro Mod]2018-09-11 Version 4.9.19b8 + Key2018-09-05 Version 4.9.19b5 [Pro Mod]2018-08-30 Version 4.9.19b3 [Pro Mod]2018-08-27 Version 4.9.18 [Pro Mod]2018-07-21 Version 4.9.18 [Pro]2018-07-21 Version 4.9.17 [Pro]2018-07-12 Version 4.9.17b2 [Pro]2018-04-03 Version 4.9.16 Final [Pro]2018-03-27 Version 4.9.16b3 [Pro]2018-03-15 Version 4.9.16b1 [Pro]2018-03-12 Version 4.9.14 [Pro]2018-02-15 Version 4.9.13 [Pro]2018-02-13 Version 4.9.12 [Pro]2018-01-30 Version 4.9.11 [Pro]2018-01-23 Version 4.9.10 [Pro]2018-01-22 Version 4.9.9 [Pro]2018-01-22 Version 4.9.8 [Pro]2018-01-19 Version 4.9.7 [Pro]2018-01-18 Version 4.9.6 [Pro]2017-11-29 Version 4.9.4 [Pro]2017-11-20 Version 4.9.3 [Pro]2017-11-14 Version 4.9.2 [Pro]2017-11-11 Version 4.9.1 [Pro]2017-11-08 Version 4.8.52017-04-27 Version 4.8.42017-04-12 Version 4.8.22017-01-18 Version 4.8.12016-12-10 Version 4.7.02016-11-02 Version 4.6.32016-04-15 Version 4.6.02016-04-12 Version 4.4.32016-01-18 Version 4.4.02016-01-14 Version 4.3.32015-11-25 Version 4.3.12015-11-02 Version 4.1.32015-09-14 Version 4.1.12015-09-06 Version 4.1.02015-08-06 Version 4.0.72015-07-31 Version 4.0.52015-06-16 Version 4.0.42015-06-10 Version 4.0.32015-06-04 Version 4.0.02015-05-21 Version 3.4.32015-03-04 Version Version 3.3.12014-12-12 Version 3.2.12014-11-17 Version 3.2.02014-10-28 Version 3.1.42014-07-17 Version 2.2.02013-01-28 Version Market2013-01-28
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Description · · · App Name:F-Stop Media Gallery Latest:5.1.4 build 234 [Pro Mod] Size:Free English:English ROM:2.2 and up Size:2.08 MB Update:2018-12-11 Permissions: Permissions
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