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Wild Attack Wolf Simulator  1.0.4

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Have you ever imagined of being a wild gray wolf?

So here is a brand new concept of being a wild and most powerful angry wolf, play as an angriest wild gray wolf and hunt to satisfy your hunger, Now it all depends on your hunting skills and survival strategies in this free animal game for kids.

To solve your hunger in this wildlife simulator you must hunt various animals and also, must run away or avoid from the attack of other big wild wolf or bears, in this animal game for kids start your own pride of wolves, fight for your life against fearless wild animals, like moose, bear, fox, or small wild gray wolf attacks, Evolve your angry wolf to become the strongest animal in the jungle.

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So get ready to hunt the animals! The jungle is your playground, you are the angry wolf, explore the areas in this wildlife simulator 3D animal game for kids and look for the prey as a wild gray wolf, and close in for the kill and attack! Explore the huge map to uncover all the secrets, attack everything you see to earn more points, but be careful from other angry wolverine attacks.

Realistic 3D wolf attacks with loads of special effects

This wildlife simulator 3D contain huge Jungle with hiding Sheep, Goats, Chickens, Horses, Bears, angry wolf attacks and many more




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3 Rating:4
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