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Dungeon Escape - Action RPG crawler: hack & slash! 1.0.5 (Mod Money)

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Dungeon Escape, the best Action RPG dungeon crawl game, is now out! Choose a legendary hero, hand a mighty sword, ranged bow or magical wand and escape from every dungeon defeating dangerous monsters and bosses! If you love hack and slash and ARPG (action role playing games), Dungeon Escape is for you! Open every treasure, loot each level, craft runes and weapons, level up your characters and become the most powerful warrior! An incredible adventure awaits you!
In Dungeon Escape you play as the best loot hunter. Open every treasure and escape from the most dangerous dungeons using your power and wisdom! Each hero has special and unique magical powers that will help you on every battle: fire ball, water bullets, speed boost, magical shields… Find keys, go on to the next chamber, face a legendary beast and save yourself in this action RPG dungeon crawler for hack and slash lovers!
Get ready to fight against goblins, diablo, orcs, skeletons, ogres, dragons, bats, vampires and powerful monsters! Raise your sword and go through the maze dungeon in the best hack & slash role play game. Upgrade your armor and weapons and enhance the stats of your heroes!
- Play Dungeon Escape and enjoy this free action RPG offline or online! Try this addictive casual crawling game and get fun -
★ Action RPG + adventure games + dungeon crawler + hack & slash!
Do you like adventure and role playing games? Dungeon Escape is perfect for you! Play this Action RPG offline, wherever and whenever you want!
★ Exciting gameplay!
Easy controls, intuitive gameplay. Use magical powers, attack enemies or drink health and mana potions using only two fingers! Perfect for hack and slash lovers!
★ Level up and enhance your heroes!
Improve your weapons, magical abilities and stats! Level up your legendary heroes and become the strongest one in the dungeon. Enhance your equipment!
★ Tens of amazing levels
Move along tens of challenging levels full of enemies and monsters. Defeat them using your skills and wisdom! Escape from each dungeon of this action RPG offline!
★ Craft new runes and weapons
Loot treasures and collect items to craft special runes! Equip them and obtain additional health, strength, speed, mana or magical power.
★ Cartoon 3D graphics
An action RPG never looked so good in smartphones! Third person view with HD graphics, 3D characters and enemies, nice magic effects and much more!
★ Dodge obstacles, fight enemies, avoid traps!
Fight against orcs, diablo, bats, epic dragons, skulls or legendary bosses! Defeat them using fireball skills or attacking with your sword!
★ New levels and heroes every month!
We update Dungeon Escape regularly and add new features, characters, enemies and levels. If you like adventure and action RPG games, you will enjoy it!
★ Use the power of the elements!
There are five magical elements: Air, Water, Fire, Nature and Darkness. Use them wisely because they will help you in the battle!
Become the best loot hunter! Go inside the dungeon and defeat every enemy to claim your treasure! Equip power and health runes, evolve your favourite hero and get ready to fight against the forces of evil in the best action RPG with dungeon crawler elements! Enjoy this funny adventure game full of mysterious levels, secrets and dangerous enemies!
Dungeon Escape is easy to play, but hard to master. A perfect hack and slash adventure game for those who want a challenge with short levels full of jigsaws and dungeon exploration! Attack, use magical abilities and drink potions using just one finger! Cast spells and prepare your sword, because you will need them against legendary monsters!
No diablo or evil enemy can defeat you! Use magical equipment, run through the dungeons and fight against legendary bosses in the best action RPG and adventure game! Open every treasure, loot every chamber and kill every monster!



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