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Ampere  3.23 [Final] [Pro] [Mod]

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Did you ever felt, that one Charger/USB cable set charges your device really fast and the other not? Now, you can prove this with Ampere.

Measure the charging and discharging current of your battery.

The app works on Android 4.0.3+ devices. Not every device is supported because there are devices which lacks an appropriate measurement chip (or the interface) and they can not be supported at all. Please read the list of not supported phones at the end of the description.

Start the app and wait ca. 10 seconds ("measuring" is on the display). After this time, the charging or discharging current will be shown.

The current depends on many things:
- The charger (USB/AC/Wireless)
- The USB cable
- The phone type
- Current tasks running
- Display brightness

With this app you can for example search for an optimal charger/USB cable combo.

The app is not meant to be mA accurate. It is only good for evaluate which Charger/USB cable combo is working the best for you.


Background info: The app measures the battery charging/discharging current. If your phone is not connected to a charger, you see the discharging current which is negative. Now, if you connect a charger then the current what the charger gives will be used to supply your phone and the remaining power will be charged into the battery.

If your phone consumes 300 mA without a charger connected, then a 500 mA charger will charge your battery maximum with 200 mA current.


Technical info: The displayed current is an average value from 50 measurements minus the 10 upper values and the 10 lower values. The displayed current can be shaky or unstable or even just zero which means, that the Android system provides such unstable values.



Change log

Version 3.23 [Final] [Pro] [Mod]2019-10-25 Version 3.23 [Final] [Pro]2019-10-25 Version 3.16 Final [Premium]2019-03-24 Version 3.11 Final [Mod Lite]2018-07-19 Version 3.11 Final [Mod]2018-07-18 Version 3.11 Final [Pro]2018-07-18 Version 3.10 Final [Mod Lite]2018-07-11 Version 3.10 Final [Mod]2018-07-11 Version 3.10 Final [Pro]2018-07-11 Version 3.08 Final [Mod Lite]2018-06-26 Version 3.08 Final [Mod]2018-06-21 Version 3.07 Final [Mod Lite]2018-06-20 Version 3.07 Final [Mod]2018-06-19 Version 3.07 Final [Pro]2018-06-19 Version 3.05 Final [Mod Lite]2018-06-07 Version 3.05 Final [Pro]2018-06-04 Version 3.04 Final [Pro]2018-06-04 Version 3.02 Final [Pro]2018-06-03 Version 3.01 Final [Mod Lite]2018-05-31 Version 3.01 Final [Pro]2018-05-26 Version 3.00 Final [Pro]2018-05-24 Version 2.24 Final [Mod Lite]2018-05-14 Version 2.24 Final [Mod]2018-05-12 Version 2.24 Final [Pro]2018-05-12 Version 2.23 Final [Mod Lite]2018-05-02 Version 2.23 Final [Mod]2018-05-02 Version 2.23 Final [Pro]2018-05-02 Version 2.22.01 Beta [Pro]2018-04-30 Version 2.22 Final [Mod Lite]2018-03-23 Version 2.22 Final [Mod]2018-03-23 Version 2.22 Final [Pro]2018-03-23 Version 2.21 Final [Mod Lite]2018-03-21 Version 2.21 Final [Mod]2018-03-21 Version 2.21 Final [Pro]2018-03-21 Version 2.20 Final [Pro]2018-03-21 Version 2.19 Final [Mod Lite]2018-03-20 Version 2.19 Final [Pro]2018-03-20 Version 2.18 Final [Pro]2018-03-14 Version 2.18 Final [Pro]2018-03-14 Version 2.17.6 Beta [Pro]2018-03-12 Version 2.17.5 Beta [Pro]2018-03-11 Version 2.17.4 Beta [Pro]2018-03-04 Version 2.17.3 Beta [Pro]2018-02-26 Version 2.17.2 Beta [Pro]2018-02-24 Version 2.17.1 Beta[Pro]2018-02-19 Version 2.17 Final [Mod Lite]2018-02-05 Version 2.17 Final [Pro]2018-02-05 Version 2.17 Final [Pro]2018-02-05 Version 2.16 Final [Pro]2017-12-26 Version 2.15 Final [Pro]2017-12-26 Version v2.072017-04-21 Version v2.062017-04-03 Version v2.052017-02-01 Version v2.04.2 Beta2016-11-14 Version v2.04.1 Beta2016-11-10 Version v2.042016-11-02 Version v2.03.1 Beta2016-10-04 Version v2.032016-09-16 Version v2.02.32016-07-18 Version v2.022016-07-11 Version v2.01.8 Beta2016-07-04 Version v2.01.7 Beta2016-06-28 Version v2.01.4 Beta2016-06-13 Version v2.01.3 Beta2016-05-24 Version v2.01.2 Beta2016-05-06 Version v2.012016-03-28 Version v2.00.1 Beta2016-03-16 Version v2.002016-03-08 Version v1.58.6 Beta2016-03-04 Version v1.58.1 Beta2016-01-26 Version v1.582015-12-28 Version v1.572015-12-04 Version v1.56.2 Beta2015-12-03 Version v1.562015-11-29 Version v1.55.5 Beta2015-11-17 Version v1.55.2 Beta2015-11-16 Version v1.55.1 Beta2015-11-11 Version v1.552015-10-19 Version v1.54.2 Beta2015-10-15 Version v1.542015-07-13 Version v1.532015-06-29 Version v1.522015-06-09 Version v1.512015-06-08 Version v1.502015-05-25 Version v1.492015-05-18 Version v1.472015-05-06 Version v1.462015-05-04 Version v1.45.1 Beta2015-05-03 Version v1.442015-04-28 Version v1.412015-04-08 Version v1.402015-04-05 Version v1.382015-03-27 Version v1.372015-03-25 Version v1.362015-03-23 Version v1.34 Alpha2015-03-18 Version v1.292015-03-16 Version v1.252015-03-12 Version v1.242015-03-09 Version Market2015-03-09
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Description · · · App Name: Ampere Latest:3.23 [Final] [Pro] [Mod] Size:Free English:English ROM:4.0.3 and up Size:2.2M Update:2019-10-25 Permissions: Permissions
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