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Always be connected to the strongest available WIFI, including unknown, but unsecured networks. That's the main task of Wifi Jumper!
The complete feature list:
- Automatically connect to the strongest available WIFI (scaninterval configurable)
- Even unknown, but unsecured networks can be used automatically (configurable)
- Messages and icons in status bar (configurable)
- Autostart after boot (configurable)
- Optional: create Wifi Zones based on one or more Radio Cells to automatically start and stop Wifi Hardware.
- Automatically adds new Radio Cells to known Wifi Zones while connected to WIFI
- Show Zone on Map (if Google Maps is installed)
- Optional: define "Airplane Mode Timezones" with the "Airplane Mode Scheduler" to automatically start/stop airplane mode
- Saves an high amount of energy if all features are used
- Easy to use
- Multilingual (german, english)
Known limitiations:
- no support for custom roms!
- wifi zones work only on devices with telephony features
Wifi Jumper automatically connects your device to the strongest available known WIFI network. Unknown, but unsecured networks are also supported to be connected to. Additionally, one can define "WIFI Zones" based on the current radiocell, in which your WIFI hardware will automatically be activated.
Leaving a Wifi Zone, Wifi Jumper will turn off WIFI hardware and saves energy. New cell-Ids for already defined Wifi Zones are added automatically while connected to a known WIFI.
In order to save even more energy, you are able to define timezones in which the airplanemode will be automatically (de-)activated. The advantages are not limited to energy saving: no radiation and disturbance while sleeping. Wifi Jumper is the perfect solution for many minor issues, but in only one app.
Note: Wifi Jumper uses android functionality that didn't support App2SD. We strongly recommend to make no use of App2SD!
Wifi Jumper needs the following permissions (reason):
- Location (determine position of WIFI Location on a map)
- Telephony (gather system-id)
- System utilities (autostart, airplanemode start/stop, WIFI start/stop)
- Networking (license check, scan for networks und status)
Note: Please give us a chance to improve Wifi Jumper. Let us know about any bad experiences and problems with Wifi Jumper before leaving any bad comments. We work hard to fix any issues reported by our customers. Thank you very much!



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