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***NOT FOR CM!***

Choose the correct framework, L for Lollipop and M for Marshmallow.

Disclaimer: You must use Stock Android OR a ROM that fully supports Layers/RRO theming!!!

MUST BE ROOTED and have the Layers Manager app!

Layers Manager:

Some ROMs may still be using a png for their settings icon. If your rom has an unthemed icon, please ask the ROM Dev nicely if they can convert their icon to a vector like all settings icons in Marshmallow.

If you notice any bugs in themed applications, please let me know here:

Read the instructions within the plugin before applying layers!!!


Choose only ONE framework option in the General section (L Dark or Black OR M Dark or Black). Choose what apps you want themed in the General section. Then choose one framework theme option at the bottom. If you want Pitch Black or Dark with just white accents, then do not apply a framework at the bottom. Reboot and enjoy!


- Choose SystemUI with or without notification borders in the General section.


- Make sure you have flashed the Themeable Hangouts zip in recovery FIRST before you apply the Themeable Hangouts Layer in this theme!

- If you don't have the Themeable Hangouts flashed in recovery, choose the regular Hangouts layer from the main list (it has grey bg and black text still).

- If you have flashed the themeable version of Hangouts, tick that option from the main list and untick the regular Hangouts option to apply it.


- If you use the switch to apply all layers, please make sure you untick the Play Music Transparent Widget BG option from the main list if you don't want the transparent widget overlay.

- If you want the Play Music Transparent Widget, make sure you untick the Play Music Layer in main list and leave the Play Music Transparent Widget overlay ticked in the main list.

- When and if you want to install a different overlay, you need to uninstall the original layer first and then install the different overlay.

Applications Themed:
- AOSP Browser
- AOSP Keyboard
- Calculator
- CellBroadcastReceiver
- Contacts
- Desk Clock (just a few black touches)
- Dialer
- DocumentsUI
- Framework (L or M, Black or Dark)
- Gmail
- Google Contacts
- Google Dialer
- Google Keyboard (change to Dark or Light Material in Google Keyboard Settings)
- Google Messenger (NOT AOSP MESSAGING APP)
- Google Now (Velvet)
- Google Play Services
- Google+
- Hangouts
- Themeable Hangouts (*Need to flash the Themeable Hangouts ZIP in recovery for this to work correctly!!!)
- Inbox
- Instagram
- Layers Manager
- Lock Clock
- Media Provider
- Nova
- Package Installer
- Pandora (Notifications)
- Phone
- Play Music
- Play Music with Transparent Widget Background
- Play Store
- Settings
- SuperSU
- SystemUI
- Telecom
- TeleService
- WhatsApp
- YouTube

THEMES INCLUDED (More to be Added):
- Acid
- AquaLime
- Azure (Dark Blue/Light Blue)
- Blaze
- Carolina Blue
- Christmas (Red/Green)
- Chrome
- Copper
- Darq Turq
- Detroit Lions (Blue/Silver)
- Detroit Tigers (Dark Blue/Orange)
- Diablo
- Electric Blue
- Elixir (Blue/Orange)
- Gladiator (Gold/Purple)
- Grape (Purple)
- Haze (Neon Purple)
- Hurricane (Green/Orange)
- Pink
- Irish Gold (Green/Gold)
- Lagoon (Blue/Green)
- Lavender Field (Soft Purple)
- Limelight (Soft Green)
- Rajah (Soft Orange)
- Roman Empire (Maroon/Gold)
- Pitch Black (For Pitch Black, Do NOT apply an extra framework styles option and choose the black framework)
- Slate
- Steel (Holo Blue)
- Vegas Gold

*That is 38 apps themed in Spectrum and 58 different themes included (29 Dark or Black)!!!

*More themes and apps will be added in future updates!

Thanks to customworx for designing the feature and in-app graphic!



Change log

Version 18.0.1 [Patched]2018-08-25 Version 17.7 [Patched]2018-08-10 Version 17.6 [Patched]2018-06-11 Version 17.4.1 [Patched]2018-04-13 Version 17.0-N [Patched]2018-02-09 Version 16.1-O [Patched]2018-01-03 Version 16.0.1 [Patched]2017-12-14 Version 15.2.2-N [Patched]2017-11-08 Version 12.32017-04-18 Version 12.12017-04-06 Version 12.02017-04-05 Version 10.32017-01-16 Version 10.1.12017-01-10 Version 9.0.12016-11-10 Version 8.1.22016-09-12 Version 8.02016-08-11 Version 7.22016-08-04 Version 7.1.12016-07-22 Version 7.12016-07-21 Version 6.1.22016-06-24 Version 6.1.12016-06-21 Version 6.0.42016-06-03 Version 5.32016-04-25 Version 5.1.12016-03-30 Version 5.12016-03-29 Version 5.02016-03-21 Version 4.22016-03-04 Version 3.2.12016-02-02 Version 3.1.12016-01-20 Version 3.02016-01-14 Version 2.02016-01-04 Version 1.22015-12-22 Version 1.0.22015-12-09 Version Market2015-12-09
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