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The platform works on advanced scientific algorithms which help you learn and improve English in an effective way. Current courses are designed to improve vocabulary, English idioms, phrasal verbs, homonyms/homophones, common confusing English words that would help elevate your English.
: This wordlist is handpicked by experts. Definitions and example sentences for every word in the wordlist with handy flashcards would help you improve vocabulary.
: Build your vocabulary with this wordlist comprising 200+ words. A must to improve vocabulary. Definitions, synonyms/antonyms, memory tips and infographics would help to improve english. A good command on these words would also help you achieve good score in entrance exams like
: Entrance exams require high command on vocabulary to achieve a good score. Definitions, example sentences, synonyms/antonyms and infographics would help improve your vocabulary and help achieve a good score. Helpful for exams like CAT, MAT, XAT, NMAT, SNAP, GMAT, GRE, SAT, SSC, CGL, Bank PO, CET, GATE, IAS, IBPS, IELTS, IES, TOEFL, UPSC, JKSSB, PTE, DU JAT, Toeic, NIFT, JBPS, CFE.
- Learn around 250 common English idioms. This course aims to improve English and help you keep up in everyday English conversations through the use of common English idioms.
- This course will help you understand and use more than 200 of the most frequently used English phrasal verbs. Good understanding of these phrasal verbs would help in improving English and excel in competitive exams like CAT / XAT / NMAT / GRE.
- More than 200 Homonyms, Homophones and other confusing words. The course helps you get through the most common blunders in English through correct usage of homonyms and homophones.
: An interesting time-based vocabulary word game to help you improve reading skills in a fun way.
: An interesting word game to help you improve writing skills by eliminating the most common blunders in English.
: An interesting word game that will help build your vocabulary while taking a hot air balloon ride to the sky.
: Improve reading skills by focussing on speed, accuracy and comprehension.
: Play this Interesting dictation game to stop making spellings blunder in your writing. This would also help you improve speaking skills.
: Play this game to improve your speaking skills by learning phrasal verbs in an interesting way.
• Spaced learning and adaptive learning boosts your brain to learn & retain lessons.
• Best English vocabulary builder app to learn new words on the go.
• Vocabulary pronunciations.
• Track your progress as you study. Personalised adaptive revision vocabulary test to assess your performance.
• Handy flashcards empower you to revise lessons effectively.
• Helpful for vocabulary based exam aspirants to improve English vocabulary using 'Words a day' concept.
• Interesting word games to learn and improve English in a fun way.
Download app for free and rediscover a fun way to improve English. Now, Learning english on your mobile just got interesting.



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