Sync for reddit (Pro) 18.1.2 [Final] [Patched] [Paid]

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reddit sync pro is fast and beautiful way to enjoy reddit on the go. Easily sync your favorite subreddits for later offline viewing. Support the developer and help create the best reddit experience for Android.

Why upgrade to pro?
- No ads
- Support the developer

Introducing the brand new reddit sync! Featuring:
- Cards UI
- Multi user support
- Sidebar subreddit navigation
- Multireddit support
- Re-written from the ground up
- Remember what posts you've read with reddit gold
- And much more

Head on over to for news and discussion on the app!

Please note, reddit sync pro is an unofficial app. reddit and the reddit alien logo, trademark and trade dress are registered trademarks owned by reddit Inc. and are used under license.



Change log

Version 18.1.2 [Final] [Patched]2019-04-25 Version 18.1 [Final] [Patched]2019-03-26 Version 17 Final [Patched]2018-09-22 Version 17 Final [Paid]2018-09-22 Version 17 (beta 3) [Paid]2018-08-24 Version 17 (beta 2) [Paid]2018-08-22 Version 16.5 Final [Paid]2018-08-17 Version 16.5 (beta 2) [Paid]2018-08-17 Version 16.4.3 Final [Paid]2018-08-13 Version 16.4.1 Final [Paid]2018-08-10 Version 16.4 (Final Beta) [Paid]2018-08-10 Version 16.4 (beta 2) [Paid]2018-08-09 Version 16.4 (beta 1) [Paid]2018-08-07 Version 16.3 Final [Paid]2018-06-17 Version 16.3 (beta 1) [Paid]2018-06-15 Version 16.2 Final [Paid]2018-05-25 Version 16.2 (beta 1) [Paid]2018-05-23 Version 16.1 Final [Paid]2018-04-24 Version 16.0.1 Final [Paid]2018-04-09 Version 16 Final [Paid]2018-04-06 Version 16 (beta 4) [Paid]2018-03-06 Version 16 (beta 3) [Paid]2018-03-03 Version 16 (beta 2) [Paid]2018-01-05 Version 16 (beta 1) [Paid]2018-01-05 Version 15.1.1 Final [Paid]2017-12-23 Version 15.1 Final [Paid]2017-12-15 Version 15.1 [Paid]2017-12-15 Version 15.1 (beta 8) [Paid]2017-12-12 Version 15.1 (beta 7) [Paid]2017-12-11 Version 15.1 (beta 6) [Paid]2017-12-10 Version 15.1 (beta 5) [Paid]2017-12-09 Version 15.1 (beta 4) [Paid]2017-12-09 Version 15.1 (beta 2) [Paid]2017-12-08 Version 15.1 (beta 1) [Paid]2017-12-01 Version 15 Final [Paid]2017-11-21 Version 15 Beta 3 [Paid]2017-11-15 Version 15 Beta 2 [Paid]2017-11-13 Version 15 Beta 1 [Paid]2017-11-10 Version 14.4 Final [Paid]2017-11-09 Version 12.8.12016-12-29 Version 12.7.12016-11-30 Version 12.42016-11-03 Version 12.3.12016-10-10 Version 12.22016-09-24 Version 12.12016-09-14 Version 11.6.32016-08-04 Version 11.5.72016-07-11 Version 11.4.22016-06-15 Version 11.32016-05-30 Version 11.2.42016-05-25 Version 11.2.22016-05-23 Version 11.1.142016-05-20 Version 10.7.462016-04-29 Version 10.7.452016-04-18 Version 10.7.372016-03-21 Version 10.7.352016-02-13 Version 10.7.332015-09-16 Version 10.7.312015-09-01 Version 10.7.302015-08-27 Version 10.7.282015-08-24 Version 10.7.262015-08-17 Version 10.7.222015-07-27 Version 10.7.172015-07-01 Version 10.7.162015-05-29 Version 10.7.152015-05-22 Version 10.7.82015-05-07 Version 10.7.52015-04-30 Version 10.7.42015-04-29 Version 10.6.52015-04-07 Version 10.4.22015-03-07 Version 10.4.12015-03-04 Version 10.42015-02-26 Version 10.2.62015-02-12 Version 10.2.52015-02-11 Version 10.2.22015-02-08 Version 10.2.12015-02-08 Version 10.2.02015-02-07 Version 10.1.112015-02-06 Version 10.1.12014-12-29 Version 10.1.02014-12-13 Version 10.0.52014-11-23 Version 10.0.32014-11-19 Version 9.4.92014-10-01 Version 9.3.52014-08-09 Version 9.3.32014-08-06 Version 9.3.12014-08-01 Version 9.1.52014-07-18 Version 9.0.182014-05-26 Version Market2014-05-26
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Description · · · App Name:Sync for reddit (Pro) Latest:18.1.2 [Final] [Patched] Size:Free English:English ROM:4.0 and up Size:1.1M Update:2019-04-25 Permissions: Permissions
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