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Welcome to the Icy Ninja. In this game, you take control of two ninja climbers that tied together by ropes in icy cliff. You must jump over the icy cliff together, and survive together with that ropes. Don't look down and don't drag your friend down. Calculate every inch, calculate everything. Plan your way to freedom.

Play as a lot of characters and super heroes that you can unlock with gem for free.
No in app purchases, no real money.

Icy Ninja is purely based on physics. No fake physics, no fake ice, no fake ropes effect. Each icy ninja climber can bump, ride, and push the other. Use this feature wisely, don't drag your friend over the cliff because of your icy ropes pull him down.

Coming soon
- Adventure mode (A lot of handmade levels)
- Windy mode (Storm is coming)
- Trap mode (We are at War)

Credits :
- Background by
- Music by



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