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Magisto Video Editor & Maker automatically turns your video clips and pictures into beautifully edited movies, complete with your choice of music, cool graphics, and effects, in just a few magical minutes!

Magisto has millions of users, has been featured twice on the Google Play homepage in 129 countries, and best of all, it is free to download!

You don’t have to be a video editor or know anything about video editing at all. Magisto will analyze your video and photos and splice it together for you, creating a professional looking movie—an edit that you’ll be proud to share with your friends.

“Who needs Instagram when you have Magisto? I’ll take fully edited movies every time!”
“Easier to make videos than you'd ever imagine!”
“Loving it! Magisto is great for making some of the funniest videos ever!”
“My family and friends love seeing the videos I’m making & sharing”
“Creates longer and more beautiful videos than Vine…”
“Use existing videos / photos & watch them come together in a smooth masterpiece."
“Awesome app – it compiles your movies for free, and the end result is great for sharing!”
“Best video editing app in the history of video editing! Amazing and simple to use!”

- Unprecedented AI Technology analyzes and combines the best parts of your videos into fun clips
- Share videos to Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Email, and even YouTube
- Automatic video stabilization, filters, effects, transitions, and overall production
- Facial recognition detects the important people in your videos
- Upload video and photos from your Gallery or use Magisto as a smart video camera
- Add soundtracks from your device or from Magisto’s library of licensed music
- Access your movies from any device that supports the program
- Upgrade to premium for longer video uploads, more photos, longer movies, and unlimited downloads
- Replaces slideshow makers with awesome video compilation
- Add Instagram photos, mp4 movies, and more!
- Uses FFmpeg under permission of LGPL

“Seeing the beautiful movie in the app’s video player after creation was simply incredible”
“Magisto turns my birthday parties and holiday weekends into amazing movies…A+”
“Now we’ll always have something to remember our Thanksgiving and Christmas meals!”
“MY FAVORITE APP! All my friends are applauding my transformation into a video star.”
“Magisto made my parents think I spent hours on their Mothers Day & Fathers Day videos!”
“My family keeps asking me how I made the cute videos of my kids, but I’ll never tell, haha!”
“It’s like an automatic version of Photoshop for video – I need to know how it’s done!!”



Change log

Version 4.45.189072018-10-27 Version 4.44.187802018-10-12 Version 4.42.18706 [Unlocked]2018-10-06 Version 4.43.187482018-10-06 Version 4.42.187062018-09-27 Version 4.41.186512018-09-16 Version 4.41.186372018-09-13 Version 4.40.186142018-09-05 Version 4.40.185942018-08-31 Version 4.39.185062018-08-22 Version 4.27.173442018-01-25 Version 4.25.172082017-12-25 Version 4.23.170802017-12-10 Version 4.23.170542017-12-06 Version 4.22.169312017-11-13 Version 4.21.168962017-11-08 Version 4.16.160922017-05-16 Version 4.16.160862017-05-12 Version 4.15.160512017-04-21 Version 4.14.158442017-03-04 Version 4.13.157822017-02-17 Version 4.12.156142016-12-29 Version 4.12.156042016-12-28 Version 4.11.155302016-12-16 Version 4.10.153692016-11-19 Version 4.9.152792016-11-02 Version 4.8.152362016-10-23 Version 4.8.152252016-10-14 Version 4.7.150592016-09-12 Version 4.6.149072016-08-22 Version 4.5.148772016-08-10 Version 4.5.148752016-08-01 Version 4.5.147992016-07-27 Version 4.4.146992016-07-06 Version 4.4.146002016-06-22 Version 4.4.145872016-06-15 Version 4.4.145052016-06-03 Version 4.3.143842016-05-26 Version 4.3.142982016-04-26 Version 4.3.141142016-04-22 Version 4.2.89762016-03-28 Version 4.2.89362016-03-11 Version 4.1.85522016-01-22 Version 4.1.85452016-01-19 Version 4.0.84162015-12-21 Version 3.12.82362015-12-14 Version 3.12.82122015-11-24 Version 3.11.81092015-11-13 Version 3.10.79952015-10-24 Version 3.9.77912015-09-11 Version 3.9.77702015-09-08 Version 3.9.77632015-09-02 Version 3.9.77252015-08-31 Version 3.7.67822015-03-16 Version 3.6.65772014-12-26 Version 3.5.64432014-11-26 Version 3.5.62812014-10-27 Version 3.5.60712014-10-06 Version 3.5.59532014-09-19 Version 3.5.58612014-09-10 Version 3.5.57562014-09-01 Version 3.4.56652014-08-22 Version 3.4.54772014-07-30 Version 3.4.54362014-07-28 Version 1.5.28762013-08-21 Version Market2013-08-21
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Description · · · App Name: Magisto Video Editor & Maker Latest:4.45.18907 Size:Free English:English ROM:2.3.3 and up Size:17M Update:2018-10-27 Permissions: Permissions
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  • leetshow
    leetshow Version:3.7.6782 Reply(2) 2015-05-06

    fake. not a cracked version. just a standart retail version with no premiu rights. fuck this fake shit site.

  • netymeqt
    netymeqt Version:3.5.6281 Reply(2) 2014-10-31

    5 star

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