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Mazetools Mutant 1.026 [Paid]

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Your space to experiment - with Mutant you create “crazy different” music intuitively. Turn the Hypercube, and you can hear your sound from new perspectives again and again.
All interactions are recorded and played back in loops, similar to musicians, who work with loop machines. Embedded in various soundscapes, the interaction is based on 6 instruments. Each gives you 4 controllers for rhythmic impulses, timing-details, filters and effects like chorus and echo.
In Mutant you can switch between 8 variations of your created musical piece that differ in chords, speed and pitch. Seven cubes with different acoustic environments and styles give you further diversity. Save your sessions by taking easily snapshots of your states and record your performance to an audio file.
Meet in hyperspace, make music together and discover the different perspectives on one and the same piece of music. Log into the same Wifi and collaborate across all platforms, with iOS, Android and Windows.
Experience music in a unique way - Mazetools stands for a special kind of creativity, that can build a connection between the magic of the moment and the conscious reflection of progress. You don’t have to be a musician - Mazetools invites you to experiment on a journey through the world of sound.
Our small team works permanently and with great passion to improve the quality and add new functions! Follow us in your social network or subscribe to the Mazetools newsletter, if you like to be informed about further developments, upcoming features and new tools!


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