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File Commander 6.2.33122 [Premium] [Mod]

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Get control over your files! File Commander is a complete feature-rich file manager allowing you to access and handle files on your Android device and remote files stored on external cloud services such as Google Drive, DropBox, Box and SugarSync account. You are able to handle separately files from the same type, e.g. pictures, music, videos, documents, etc. Rename, delete, move, zip and send in just a few taps on your screen.
File Commander is organized in several useful shortcuts giving quick access to local files, remotely stored files or to files from the same type:
* Downloads - a shortcut to files downloaded via the Internet Browser or Google Play. 
* Pictures - any image format files. 
* Music - music files.
* Videos - video format files. 
* Local files - you can browse all local files on memory cards. 
* Remote files - access to your Google Docs, DropBox, or Sugar Sync account.
Sharing Documents
File Commander allows you to share your files directly from the file list by sending them to email recipient, to another device via Bluetooth or to upload them to an existing Google Docs, DropBox, Box or SugarSync account.



Change log

Version 6.2.33122 [Premium] [Mod]2019-12-21Version 6.2.33113 [Premium] [Mod]2019-12-21Version 6.0.32101 [Premium] [Mod]2019-11-13Version 6.0.32099 [Premium] [Mod]2019-11-09Version 6.0.32074 [Premium] [Mod]2019-10-26Version 5.11.31754 [Premium] [Mod]2019-09-20Version 5.10.31210 [Premium Mod]2019-09-03Version 5.3.20214 [Premium Mod]2018-12-13Version 5.2.19712 [Premium Mod]2018-12-02Version 5.1.19081 [Premium Mod]2018-10-03Version 5.1.19079 [Premium Mod]2018-10-02Version 5.1.19068 [Premium Mod]2018-09-29Version 5.0.18582 [Premium Mod]2018-09-11Version 5.0.18557 [Premium Mod]2018-09-04Version 4.9.18127 [Premium Mod]2018-08-03Version 4.9.18104 [Premium Mod]2018-07-27Version 4.8.17551 [Premium Mod]2018-06-30Version 4.8.17548 [Premium Mod]2018-06-29Version 4.8.17532 [Premium Mod]2018-06-23Version 4.7.17413 [Premium Mod]2018-06-14Version 4.7.17412 [Premium Mod]2018-06-13Version 4.7.17398 [Premium Mod]2018-06-04Version 4.7.17387 [Premium Mod]2018-05-30Version 4.7.17368 [Premium Mod]2018-05-19Version 4.7.17337 [Premium Mod]2018-05-12Version 4.6.16896 [Premium Mod]2018-04-17Version 4.6.16886 [Premium Mod]2018-04-14Version 4.5.16608 [Premium]2018-02-22Version 4.5.16590 [Premium Mod]2018-02-14Version 4.5.16590 [Premium]2018-02-14Version 4.5.16582 [Premium Mod]2018-02-12Version 4.5.16582 [Premium]2018-02-10Version 4.5.16575 [Premium Mod]2018-02-07Version 4.5.16575 [Premium]2018-02-07Version 4.5.16517 [Premium]2018-01-06Version 4.4.16202 [Premium Mod]2017-12-17Version 4.4.16202 [Premium]2017-12-16Version 4.4.16198 [Premium Mod]2017-12-15Version 4.4.16198 [Premium]2017-12-14Version 4.4.16177 [Premium]2017-12-07Version4.3.15939 [Premium]2017-11-14Version4.1.152262017-07-13Version4.1.152112017-07-07Version4.0.150502017-05-10Version4.0.150492017-05-05Version4.0.149842017-04-15Version3.9.148962017-03-11Version3.9.148792017-02-28Version3.9.148422017-02-22Version3.9.147462016-12-17Version3.9.147002016-11-05Version3.9.146662016-10-20Version3.9.145842016-09-10Version3.8.145002016-07-21Version3.8.144562016-07-08Version3.7.142942016-06-07Version3.7.142502016-04-29Version3.7.142472016-04-28Version3.6.140092016-04-06Version3.6.139972016-03-16Version3.6.139882016-02-10Version3.6.139812016-01-15Version3.6.139532015-12-01Version3.5.138242015-10-30Version3.5.137862015-10-13Version3.5.137662015-09-08Version3.5.137612015-08-19Version3.5.137542015-08-13Version3.1.131832015-04-03Version3.1.131762015-03-27Version3.1.131742015-03-19Version3.1.131372014-12-19Version3.0.131122014-11-21Version2.1.2022014-03-21Version2.1.1912014-02-08Version2.1.1902014-01-25Version2.0.1832013-11-01Version2.0.1812013-10-09Version2.0.1702013-07-26Version2.0.1642013-07-01VersionMarket2013-07-01
Description · · ·App Name:File CommanderLatest:6.2.33122 [Premium] [Mod]Size:FreeEnglish:EnglishROM:2.2 and upSize:3.86 MBUpdate:2019-12-21Permissions:Permissions
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