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Netflix  6.10.0 build 29342

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Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies on your phone. This Netflix mobile application delivers the best experience anywhere, anytime.

Get the free app as a part of your Netflix membership and you can instantly watch thousands of TV episodes & movies on your phone.

If you are not a Netflix member sign up for Netflix and start enjoying immediately on your phone with our one-month free trial.

How does Netflix work?
• Netflix membership gives you access to unlimited TV shows and movies for one low monthly price.
• With the Netflix app you can instantly watch as many TV episodes & movies as you want, as often as you want, anytime you want.
• You can Browse a growing selection of thousands of titles, and new episodes that are added regularly.
• Search for titles and watch immediately on your phone or on an ever expanding list of supported devices.
• Rate your favorite shows and movies and tell us what you like so Netflix can help suggest the best titles for you.
• Start watching on one device, and resume watching on another. Check out for all the TVs, game consoles, tablets, phones, Blu-ray players and set top boxes on which you can watch Netflix.

By clicking INSTALL, you consent to the installation of the Netflix application and any updates or upgrades thereto.

Netflix 3.x
License Agreement
By downloading this application you agree to the Netflix Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, located at
1-month free Netflix membership offer is available to first time and certain former members and cannot be combined with any other offer. Internet access and valid payment method are required to redeem offer.  Netflix will begin to bill your payment method for the Netflix membership fee at the end of the free month unless you cancel prior to the end of the first month. Your Netflix membership is a month-to-month subscription that you can cancel at any time. Go to "Your Account" on the Netflix website for cancellation instructions. No refund or credit for partial monthly subscription periods. The Netflix service is only available in the country where you originally signed up. A device that streams from Netflix (manufactured and sold separately) and broadband Internet connection are required to watch instantly.

For complete terms and conditions, please visit
For privacy policy, please visit


Change log

Version 6.10.0 build 293422018-08-29Version 6.10.0 build 293402018-08-28Version 6.10.0 build 293132018-08-22Version 6.9.1 build 291472018-08-21Version 6.9.0 build 291422018-08-16Version 6.9.0 build 291372018-08-11Version 6.9.0 build 291352018-08-10Version 6.9.0 build 291172018-08-08Version 6.8.02018-08-01Version 6.7.0 build 287502018-07-18Version Netflix 6.6.1 build 285512018-07-13Version 6.2.1 build 275572018-05-14Version 6.2.0 build 275492018-05-08Version 6.2.0 build 275352018-05-04Version 6.1.0 build 273542018-04-27Version 6.1.0 build 273212018-04-19Version 6.0.1 build 271592018-04-16Version 6.0.0 build 271562018-04-11Version 6.0.0 build 271542018-04-11Version 6.0.0 build 271412018-04-06Version 6.0.0 build 271312018-04-06Version 6.0.0 build 271202018-04-04Version 5.16.0 build 267262018-03-26Version 5.16.0 build 267212018-03-23Version 5.16.0 build 267092018-03-21Version 5.15.0 build 265382018-03-12Version 5.15.0 build 265372018-03-09Version 5.15.0 build 265152018-03-07Version 5.14.1 build 259552018-03-03Version 5.14.0 build 259482018-02-28Version 5.14.0 build 259462018-02-27Version 5.14.0 build 259382018-02-26Version 5.14.0 build 259282018-02-23Version 5.14.0 build 259172018-02-21Version 5.13.1 build 258712018-02-20Version 5.13.1 build 258702018-02-17Version 5.13.1 build 258662018-02-15Version 5.13.0 build 258582018-02-13Version 5.13.0 build 258402018-02-09Version 5.13.0 build 258242018-02-08Version 5.13.0 build 258162018-02-07Version 5.12.3 build 257762018-02-06Version 5.12.2 build 257682018-01-31Version 5.12.1 build 257602018-01-26Version 5.12.0 build 257472018-01-23Version 5.12.0 build 257442018-01-21Version 5.12.0 build 257282018-01-18Version 5.11.3 build 254422017-12-23Version 5.11.2 build 254412017-12-13Version 5.11.1 build 254352017-12-12Version 5.11.1 build 254322017-12-09Version 5.11.1 build 254282017-12-08Version5.11.0 build 254122017-12-05Version5.11.0 build 254022017-12-02Version5.11.0 build 253612017-11-29Version5.10.1 build 252622017-11-22Version5.10.0 build 252602017-11-16Version5.10.0 build 252572017-11-15Version5.10.0 build 252482017-11-14Version5.9.1 build 248672017-11-07Version5.0.4 build 161862017-05-15Version5.0.3 build 161602017-05-12Version5.0.2 build 161312017-05-11Version5.0.1 build 161032017-05-10Version4.16.1 build 151452017-05-05Version4.16.0 build 151222017-05-03Version4.16.0 build 151202017-04-28Version4.15.1 build 149472017-04-10Version4.15.0 build 149242017-03-31Version4.15.0 build 149082017-03-28Version4.13.32017-02-28Version4.13.12017-02-07Version4.12.22016-12-12Version4.12.1 build 142992016-12-01Version4.10.7 build 131862016-11-26Version4.11.02016-11-24Version4.10.72016-11-09Version4.10.52016-11-02Version4.10.5 build 111712016-11-02Version4.10.3 build 111512016-10-22Version4.9.5 build 100602016-10-09Version4.9.3 build 100522016-10-02Version4.9.2 build 100512016-09-30Version4.8.62016-09-19Version4.8.52016-09-06Version4.8.4 build 96762016-09-04Version4.8.3 build 95742016-08-26Version4.8.2 build 95712016-08-24Version4.8.1 build 90682016-08-18Version4.8.0 build 90192016-08-10Version4.7.0 build 79412016-07-06Version4.6.0 build 78162016-06-13Version4.5.2 build 77402016-06-03Version4.5.1 build 77342016-05-26Version4.4.2 build 76872016-05-06Version4.4.1 build 76472016-04-25Version5.1.0 build 76182016-03-21Version4.3.0 build 61402016-03-11Version4.2.1 build 59862016-02-24Version4.2.0 build 59522016-02-04Version4.2.0 build 59412016-02-01Version4.0.0 build 55232015-12-01Version3.16.0 build 52922015-11-02Version3.15.1 build 52532015-10-09Version3.15.0 build 52352015-10-06Version3.14.3 build 52002015-08-20VersionMarket2015-08-20
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