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Infinite Stairs  1.2.59 (Mod Money)

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Description · · ·

Introducing you to the simple yet addictive game: Infinite Stairs! Climb up an endless series of stairs to the top!

Climb up an endless series of stairs to the top.

Climbing up the stairs is more difficult than it looks.

Try to renew the highest leaderboard record

and stand on top of the world.



Change log

Version 1.2.89 (Mod Money)2018-12-29 Version 1.2.66 (Mod Money)2018-05-20 Version 1.2.65 (Mod Money)2018-05-12 Version 1.2.63 (Mod Money)2018-05-03 Version 1.2.59 (Mod Money)2018-03-20 Version 1.2.58 (Mod Money)2018-03-03 Version 1.2.57 (Mod Money)2018-02-14 Version 1.2.44 Mod Money2017-11-17 Version 1.2.212017-05-15 Version 1.2.192017-05-05 Version 1.2.182017-05-02 Version 1.2.172017-04-17 Version 1.2.162017-04-05 Version 1.2.152017-03-14 Version 1.2.142017-03-10 Version 1.2.132017-02-25 Version 1.2.102017-02-13 Version 1.2.92017-01-31 Version 1.2.82017-01-28 Version 1.2.62017-01-23 Version 1.2.52017-01-16 Version 5.0012017-01-10 Version 1.2.32017-01-08 Version 1.2.22016-12-26 Version 1.2.12016-12-11 Version 1.2.02016-12-03 Version 1.1.612016-11-29 Version 1.1.432016-09-13 Version 1.1.422016-09-10 Version 1.1.412016-08-28 Version 1.1.392016-08-15 Version 1.1.382016-07-30 Version 1.1.362016-07-27 Version 1.1.342016-07-14 Version 1.1.322016-07-05 Version 1.1.272016-06-24 Version 1.1.262016-06-11 Version 1.1.252016-06-07 Version 1.1.242016-06-04 Version 1.1.212016-06-02 Version 1.1.202016-05-27 Version 1.1.172016-05-12 Version 1.1.162016-05-05 Version 1.1.152016-04-26 Version 1.1.142016-04-19 Version 1.1.122016-04-17 Version 1.1.92016-03-19 Version 1.1.82016-03-12 Version 1.1.72016-02-24 Version 1.1.62016-02-20 Version 1.1.42016-02-18 Version 1.1.12016-01-26 Version 1.1.02016-01-13 Version 1.0.362015-12-27 Version 1.0.352015-12-24 Version 1.0.322015-11-21 Version 1.0.312015-10-22 Version 1.0.302015-10-08 Version 1.0.292015-10-05 Version 1.0.242015-08-01 Version 1.0.222015-07-29 Version 1.0.182015-06-29 Version 1.0.172015-06-13 Version 1.0.152015-05-30 Version 1.0.132015-05-16 Version 1.0.122015-05-01 Version 1.0.102015-04-25 Version 1.0.92015-04-21 Version 1.0.82015-04-15 Version 1.0.62015-04-02 Version Market2015-04-02
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Description · · · App Name: Infinite Stairs Latest:1.2.59 (Mod Money) Size:Free English:English ROM:2.3 and up Size:15M Update:2018-03-20 Permissions: Permissions
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