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Opera Mini beta web browser  Opera Mini fast web browser 42.0.2254.139276

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Download Opera Mini beta for Android. With Opera Mini beta, you can save data while browsing the internet and get to your favorite content faster.

Opera Mini beta is the best browser for phones and tablets running Android 2.3 and later. It's fast, free and beautifully designed.
► Save data
Use up to 90% less of your mobile data compared to other web browsers. Get faster access to the internet, while getting more out of your data plan.
► Browse privately
Go anywhere on the internet without leaving a trace on your device, with Opera Mini's private tabs.

✔ Customize your layout: Choose between three different looks.
✔ See your daily savings: Get a summary of how much data you use, and track your data savings.
✔ Sync and share your bookmarks: Switch between your computer and your phone without missing any of your favorite bookmarks. Share your favorites to your friends, using your favorite social-network apps.
✔ Switch between search engines: Choose between popular search engines like Google or Yahoo. Search Amazon, eBay, IMDB and more, right from the browser. You can even add your own search engines.
✔ Manage your tabs easily: Get an overview of all your tabs, tap to open a tab or swipe to remove one.
✔ Save your favorite sites: Tap the “+” button on the combined address and search bar to save a page to Opera Mini's Speed Dial start page, to your mobile bookmarks or to read it offline.
✔ Get the latest news: Read through top stories or select a preferred category and get the newest trending articles with the Discover feature.

Download Opera Mini beta right here from Google Play and enjoy the fastest browser for Android. It's always free to install and use. So, try the quicker way to browse and enjoy the web on your device.
Thank you for testing Opera Mini beta.



Change log

Version Opera Mini fast web browser 42.0.2254.1392762019-05-10 Version 38.0.2254.1345072018-12-25 Version 32.0.2254.1237472018-01-04 Version 32.0.2254.122938 Final arm Android 4.1+2017-12-04 Version 32.0.2254.122938 Final arm64 Android 5.0+2017-12-04 Version 25.0.2254.1168792017-05-15 Version 25.0.2254.1166532017-05-09 Version 24.0.2254.1157842017-04-17 Version 24.0.2254.1156892017-04-13 Version 24.0.2254.1152132017-04-07 Version 23.0.2254.1149232017-03-29 Version 22.0.2254.1134722017-02-20 Version 21.0.2254.1119202017-01-05 Version 21.0.2254.1116772017-01-02 Version 20.1.2254.1106272016-11-30 Version 20.0.2254.1102852016-11-19 Version 20.0.2254.1101042016-11-12 Version 20.0.2254.1098352016-11-05 Version 19.0.2254.1089262016-10-15 Version 19.0.2254.1082592016-10-03 Version 18.0.2254.1065422016-08-09 Version 18.0.2254.1064542016-08-05 Version 18.0.2254.1062002016-07-27 Version 17.0.2211.1051782016-06-22 Version 16.0.2168.1036622016-05-19 Version 16.0.2168.1029922016-05-04 Version 15.0.2125.1012572016-03-08 Version 14.0.2065.999852016-01-26 Version 13.0.2036.986492015-12-09 Version 12.0.1987.981552015-11-24 Version 12.0.1987.972602015-11-04 Version 11.0.1912.964802015-10-05 Version 11.0.1912.957112015-09-09 Version 10.0.1884.937212015-06-30 Version 9.0.1829.928712015-06-02 Version 9.0.1829.923662015-05-20 Version 8.0.1807.912812015-04-20 Version 8.0.1807.911842015-04-14 Version 8.0.1807.907382015-03-27 Version 8.0.1794.901742015-03-12 Version 8.0.1778.897312015-02-28 Version 8.0.1759.889202015-02-17 Version 8.0.1705.871822014-12-17 Version 8.0.1674.860362014-11-26 Version Market2014-11-26
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Description · · · App Name: Opera Mini beta web browser Latest:Opera Mini fast web browser 42.0.2254.139276 Size:Free English:English ROM:2.3 oder höher Size:2,5M Update:2019-05-10 Permissions: Permissions
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