Quick Command  1.3.8

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Quick Command provides quick solution to customer's wants. It can be activated in all situations.

1. Touch the pre-set region of the screen and drag it.
2. Release it after dragging it for certain distance will make a pad to pop up.
3. Touch the pad for a period of time to add desired functions and launch it.

- Execute an application
- Shortcut
- Widget



Change log

Version 1.3.82017-04-27 Version 1.3.72016-10-03 Version 1.3.62016-08-01 Version 1.3.52016-07-29 Version 1.3.22016-03-21 Version 1.2.102016-03-20 Version 1.2.92016-03-17 Version 1.2.72016-02-24 Version 1.2.62016-02-04 Version 1.2.32016-02-01 Version 1.2.12016-01-26 Version 1.1.201510242015-11-04 Version 1.1.212015-10-07 Version 1.1.192015-08-19 Version 1.1.162015-07-21 Version 1.1.142015-07-01 Version 1.1.132015-05-07 Version 1.1.122015-03-25 Version 1.1.112015-03-19 Version 1.1.102015-03-17 Version 1.1.92015-03-12 Version 1.1.82015-03-10 Version 1.1.72015-02-17 Version 1.1.52015-02-09 Version 1.1.42015-01-30 Version 1.1.32015-01-24 Version 1.1.12015-01-19 Version 1.1.02014-09-24 Version 1.0.282014-09-22 Version 1.0.272014-09-11 Version 1.0.262014-08-18 Version 1.0.252014-07-18 Version 1.0.242014-06-29 Version 1.0.232014-06-24 Version 1.0.212014-06-20 Version 1.0.202014-06-09 Version Market2014-06-09
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