Hyper Maze Arcade  1.1

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 Uber-Stylish” - TouchArcade

 Fast, inventive gameplay” - Gamezebo

 Hyper Maze Arcade is the definition of a hardcore puzzle game” - 148Apps

 An intriguing spin on the endless runner with a thoughtful maze-running element” - PocketGamer


-Think fast, act quickly: test your skills and reflexes!
-Survive as long as you can in these deadly mazes
-Use various powers to go even further and break your records!
-Feel the music evolving as you play
-Share your score through Google Play Games and challenge your friends
-3 modes: hyper, minimal and Extreme!

Hyper Maze Arcade: the evolution of maze games with an arcade touch.

The gameplay is simple: you control a cube inside a moving maze. When the cube stops at an intersection, you’ll have to decide its new direction. If you choose right, the cube will continue to cross the maze. If you choose wrong, the cube will follow the wrong path, and eventually remain out of the screen causing the game to end.
As you proceed through the maze, the game becomes more and more challenging and complex!



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