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Bluecoins- Finance And Budget 411.40.01b [Premium]

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is an incredibly fast & powerful app for tracking & planning where your money goes, allowing you to easily plan a budget, never forget a bill,& spend money with confidence! With tablet support, online sync
& multi-currency support, you have instant access to your personal finance data on any device, anytime, anywhere!
• Create transactions by just inputting the value & category – it’s that simple!
• Log frequent transactions in a few clicks with smart autocomplete!
, as good as Google Calendar's flexibility
• Attach photos & receipts to transaction
–assign multiple expense categories or accounts to a single transaction
• The most
capability. Filter by text, amount, category, accounts, labels & more!
• Quickly set up accounts & categories
• Easily set budget for income/expense for a given day, week, month or year
• Budget tool shows remaining or overspending of budget
shows where your accounts can be in the future by sticking to your budget
• Bill reminders make sure
• Reminders can be single instance or repeat for any time interval - once you’ve set it up, its worry free
• Set notifications
to make sure you’re reminded
• Track your
• Compare current account balances & net worth to
• See your account balances graphed over time
• Understand how much you spend & earn for any date range & frequency
• Project your future account balances & net worth
to quickly pinpoint spending at any day
• The best charts are available to you on your
No need to get lost through menus & several screens.
• Daily Summary, Budget, Cash Flow, Net Earnings
• Assets, liabilities & net worth
• Account balance history & future projections!
• Export & import data using Excel (csv)
• & more...!
• Incredibly smooth & fast interface
• Simple, straightforward & intuitive
• Blue & Black Theme (perfect in
• Widget for running expense & transaction
• Backup & restore data from your phone
• Automatically set to backup data daily
• Online backup & restoration with
• Easily restore data across your devices
• Cryptocurrencies- Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. & precious metals support!
• Create multi-currency accounts!
• Automatically downloads conversion rate from internet, & dynamically adjust rates as needed
• Localized formatting for money figures
We love to give thanks to the support of the loyal user community around the world!
As powerful as this features are, there's even more to expect on the premium. You will be pleased to know that our
Read more about the benefits here:
Lot of guides, tips & support available at
Please email [email protected] for any issues you may have before rating.
Identity/Contact- required by Google Drive for syncing


Change log

Version 411.40.01b [Premium]10-16 00:05Version 410.40.03a [Premium]10-11 02:50Version 409.39.07 [Premium]2018-10-02Version 409.39.06 [Premium]2018-10-01Version 409.39.05 [Premium]2018-09-26Version 409.39.04b [Premium]2018-09-21Version 409.39.03 [Premium]2018-09-19Version 409.39.02 [Premium]2018-09-18Version 408.38.03 [Premium]2018-09-15Version 408.38.01 [Premium]2018-09-11Version 407.38.04 [Premium]2018-09-09Version 406.37.04 [Premium]2018-08-28Version 405.37.06 [Premium]2018-08-16Version 405.37.05 [Premium]2018-08-04Version 405.37.04 [Premium]2018-07-27Version 405.37.03 [Premium]2018-07-24Version 405.37.02b [Premium]2018-07-21Version 405.37.01 [Premium]2018-07-15Version 404.37.01 [Premium]2018-07-05Version 404.36.01e [Premium]2018-07-02Version 403.36.02 [Premium]2018-06-23Version 402.36.03 [Premium]2018-06-19Version 400.36.02 [Premium]2018-06-06Version 309.35.05 [Premium]2018-05-30Version 309.35.04b [Premium]2018-05-27Version 309.35.03 [Premium]2018-05-24Version 309.35.02 [Premium]2018-05-12Version Bluecoins- Finance And Budget, Money 308.34.05 [Premium]2018-04-26Version Bluecoins- Finance And Budget, Money 308.34.03b [Premium]2018-04-13Version Bluecoins- Finance And Budget, Money 308.34.01 [Premium]2018-04-10Version Bluecoins- Finance And Budget, Money 308.33.02 [Premium]2018-04-04Version 308.33.01b [Premium]2018-04-01Version 307.33.03 [Premium]2018-03-26Version 307.33.02b [Premium]2018-03-25Version 307.33.01 [Premium]2018-03-15Version 306.32.03 [Premium]2018-03-11Version 305.32.05c [Premium]2018-03-07Version 305.32.04 [Premium]2018-02-28Version 303.32.06 [Premium]2018-02-08Version 303.32.05 [Premium]2018-02-05Version 303.32.04 [Premium]2018-02-02Version 303.32.02 [Premium]2018-02-02Version 302.31.06 [Premium]2018-02-01Version 302.31.05 [Premium]2018-01-28Version 302.31.04 [Premium]2018-01-27Version 302.31.03b [Premium]2018-01-26Version 302.31.02 [Premium]2018-01-21Version 302.31.01 [Premium]2018-01-19Version 301.31.02 [Premium]2018-01-14Version 300.31.04 [Premium]2018-01-10Version 300.31.03 [Premium]2018-01-06Version 300.31.02 [Premium]2018-01-03Version 220.30.11 [Premium]2017-12-26Version 220.30.10b [Premium]2017-12-24Version 220.30.08 [Premium]2017-12-20Version 220.30.06b [Premium]2017-12-11Version 220.30.05 [Premium]2017-12-11Version 220.30.03 [Premium]2017-12-09Version220.30.01 [Premium]2017-12-06Version219.29.06 [Premium]2017-12-04Version219.29.05 [Premium]2017-12-03Version219.29.02 [Premium]2017-11-24Version218.29.02 [Premium]2017-11-21Version217.29.04 [Premium]2017-11-12Version217.29.02 [Premium]2017-11-07VersionGoogle Play2017-11-07
Description · · ·App Name:Bluecoins- Finance And BudgetLatest:411.40.01b [Premium]Size:FreeEnglish:EnglishROM:4.1 and upSize:unknowUpdate:10-16 00:05Permissions:Permissions
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