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Rootify(Root) 2.1.8

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Note: root access and busybox required, this app will not root your phone
Get all the excellent root function on finger tips.
1. device performance enhancement
2. CPU management
3. power menu
4. system details
5. build.prop viewer
6. simplified terminal
1. RAM Usage - see how much ram is being used by the system and the apps
2. Clear RAM - clear RAM being used by background app which is not necessary
3. Deep Clear RAM - will kill all background and foreground running applications
4. Clear Cache - does cache data take away your storage, then use this to clear cache
5. Lag Fix - is your storage lagging and taking too much time to perform basic function, then use this feature to improve the performance of the storage
6. Delete Empty Folders - are the empty folders irritating you? Then use this feature to delete all the empty folders with multiple options
7. Maintenance - has your device become slow and having bugs like memory leaks, then use this feature to improve the performance
8. Calibrate Battery - has your battery life reduced, then use this feature to improve the battery life and delete old battery stats
9. Delete logs - android system constantly writes log files, to stop this logging, use this
10. Clean System Trash - is your ROM filled with too many logs and other things then use this feature to clear the trash and improve the performance of the device
CPU tab
1. Governor - select the governor which governs the way the CPU is used
2. Max Frequency - select the maximum frequency which the CPU can use
3. Min Frequency - select the minimum frequency which the CPU can use
4. Multicore Power Saving - conserve battery by grouping all the tasks to least possible cores
5. Cores Online - select the cores which will perform all the device work and disable them to save battery
6. Cores Offline - select the cores which will sleep while other cores are working
1. Shutdown - power off the device on one click
2. Restart - power off and the start again on one click
3. Reboot to safe mode - power off and go to safe mode on start
4. Reboot to bootloader - power off and go to bootloader on start
5. Reboot to recovery - power off and go to recovery on start
6. Hot Reboot - perform a speed reboot
1. Device Details - details of your device
2. WiFi Passwords - view all the saved password of your setting
3. Kernel Details - get all the kernel related information
4. Memory Details - information about your memory
5. VM Details - get all the information about your Virtual Machine
build.prop - /system/build.prop viewer
Terminal - simplified version
1. run your commands with root privileges
2. run your scripts easily
3. get the output in a simple format
Developer is not responsible for any problem created by this application. You use the application at your own risk.


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Version 2.1.82019-09-27Version 2.1.72019-09-21Version 2.1.62019-09-19Version2.1.52019-09-11VersionGoogle Play2019-09-11
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