MAGPIE - Layers Theme  mr_2.6.3 [Paid]

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SUPPORT : hangouts / email :


-Fully supports 2nd M Developer Preview

-Please READ the list of Themed Apps CAREFULLY!

-You must use M Developer Preview ROM and ROMS that supports LAYERS2.1 Commits!



MUST BE ROOTED and have the NEW Layers Manager app! ( Version 4 or up )
*Should work on all dpi devices

What is Layers?
Love to theme your phone? Don't want much hassle and your themes to use too much space? Layers is all you want.
Create, Share, Enjoy

Themed apks-

3 types of themed apps (Black,White,Translucent) :

-aosp contacts ( Black Only)
-aosp dialer ( Black Only)
-aosp keyboard ( Black Only)
-cellbroadcastreceiver ( Black, White, Translucent )
-deskclock for notification for Black ad Translucent
-framework ( Black, White, Translucent ) (important! make sure you apply this!)
-google contacts ( Black and White Only)
-google dialer ( Black and White Only)
-google hangouts ( Black and White Only)
-google keyboard ( Black Only)
-google mail for notification for Black ad Translucent
-google messenger ( Black Only)
-google play store ( Black, White, Translucent ) ( For VER 5.6.8 )
-google velvet ( Black, White, Translucent ) ( WHITE APP DRAWER until apktool able to decompile 2nd M Preview )
-package installer ( Black, White, Translucent )
-phone ( Black, White, Translucent )
-settings ( Black, White, Translucent )
-supersu free ( Black, White, Translucent )
-systemui ( Black, White, Translucent )
-telecom ( Black, White, Translucent )

General themed apps:

-kernel adiutor ( translucent )
-systemui status bar icons
-systemui soft keys

Install Instructions-

-download the app
-open the New Layer Manager ( version 4 )
-click on the theme and install ( choose your style )

Helpful Links



Change log

Version mr_2.6.32017-03-23 Version mr_2.5.92017-03-14 Version 19.02016-09-06 Version 17.52016-06-06 Version 17.02016-05-19 Version 16.22016-04-15 Version 16.12016-03-25 Version 16.02016-03-07 Version 15.82016-03-03 Version 15.62016-02-16 Version 15.22016-01-28 Version 14.72015-12-24 Version 14.32015-12-07 Version 13.32015-11-26 Version 12.12015-11-12 Version 11.12015-10-29 Version 11.02015-10-26 Version 7.02015-10-09 Version Market2015-07-15
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