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The wonder of Patch Tarot is now available on your digital device! It’s not always easy to carry around your full Tarot deck everywhere you go. However, the inspiration to consult its wisdom arises when you least expect it, sometimes when the deck is unavailable. We are pleased to announce that you can now have the full Patch Tarot experience right on your mobile device; anytime, anywhere.
The in-depth wisdom packed within the Book of Patch is right at your fingertips and available for every card. If you are feeling like a quick piece of advice, opt for a one or three card pull. If you have a few minutes and are in the throes of a profoundly inspiring moment, opt perhaps for a 5-card reading. If you are in for a full-on traditional card draw, then look no further than the Celtic Cross spread. All of these are available with easy access and simplicity of use at your convenience. There is no need to be stationed anywhere specific to draw the cards because they are all on your device. Anywhere you can use your digital device, you can use this app! No more concerns about ruining your cards on a commute, or losing them to a particularly weathered afternoon. You can now take advantage of the full power of Patch Tarot any time that suits you best.
For a bit of historical background, the Tarot is a detailed pictographic diagram of the universe and everything within it, and is based on many ancient teachings and spiritual practices; including but not limited to Qabalah and the Sacred Toroidal Field. Tarot encompasses the five elements (physical earth, emotional water, mental air, spiritual fire, and the astral - ether), describing how these five geometries weave together to depict the totality of life experiences, and the structure by which the laws of creation are set. Tarot is a language of symbology, numerology, cosmology, geometry, and art - which fuse together in an intricate web of ideas providing a means by which one’s consciousness can engage, and come to know itself better with. The Tarot then becomes a guidebook through the many different aspects of life, and supports a higher understanding of one’s experiences in a deeper, more meaningful way.
Over the ages, many different Tarot decks have been crafted. Patch Tarot is a continuation and evolution of today's most prominent Tarot decks of the past hundred years. This deck is a purposeful fusion of the most prominent symbolisms and descriptions across the most notable decks, into a singular unified Tarot deck made for you - the modern alchemical scholar. Herein you will find all of the familiarity of other great Tarot packs, such as Thoth and the Rider-Waite-Smith, along with a touch of Patchman for good measure.
One thing that should be noted about the Tarot and these esoteric connections is that for most people, the information is quite impenetrable. There are tens of thousands of books available in the world which seek to explore and dissect the symbolism of Tarot, and the understanding of the ancients for the modern mind; however there is so much information, that it is not easily comprehensible without a great deal of study. This brings us to where we are now, and the creation of a new deck - which seeks to make known the hidden mysteries in a simple, yet comprehensible manner: Patch Tarot.


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