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The 2X Mobile Device Management app allows you to take control of your mobile phone with your keyboard and mouse via Wifi using your web browser or via internet when connected to a 2X Mobile Device Management account.

The main remote control features include:

-Camera: You can see a live stream of your mobile device camera from your browser and take pictures
-SMS: You can send your sms via web interface just like from your phone and receive a popup directly on your browser (Chrome or Firefox with desktop notifications extension) when a message is received. Autocomplete, mass-messages, and other features.
- Contacts: You can see the contacts present on your phone, add or delete phone numbers and emails.
- Call Handler : When your phone starts to ring you will see it on your Web Desktop, and you can decide to answer (With speakerphone or headset of your phone)
-Wifi Keyboard: Remotely type text on your device using your keyboard
-File Manager: A complete file manager with preview functions, to navigate into your device memory. You can fast see text files and images by double-clicking on the file icon. Files can be uploaded with drag&drop too (IE doesn't work).
- Sensors: You can see the values of the sensors of your phone. You will find a compass that shows the orientation of your phone and Google Maps showing the position based on Network or GPS.
- Clipboard: You can see and set the clipboard of your phone absolutely in real time.
- Personal Web Server: Web pages hosting on your android phone!
- Shell: A simple but complete way to access the phone shell directly from the web.
- Logs: Now you can see the logs directly via web interface!

Internet Explorer in compatibility mode is not supported.

Register and connect this device to a 2X Mobile Device Management account to remote control via internet and additional features. 2X Mobile Device Management is an online service that allows you to easily manage, secure, monitor, find and track your mobile phones, tablets or notebook computers.

The main features include:

Bridge Mode: Take control of your device through an internet connection from anywhere.
Device Tracking – Simple, precise tracking of connected mobile devices using Bing Maps
Deploy Applications – Manage apps to groups of Android phones
Security – Remotely lock or wipe corporate data from abused, lost or stolen devices
Administration Portal – Receive alerts, send messages to your mobile devices and audit your users

Take full advantage of your mobile devices without creating a management nightmare. Sign Up for a Free 2X Mobile Device Managent account at or directly from this application.

2X Mobile Device Management is provided free of charge for up to 5 devices, but without technical support.

Questions about 2X MDM should be posted here
We also recommend that you review our blog and support pages:
And read our manual:
Please note that these forums are answered by users, not 2X staff. If you need technical assistance from 2X, you would need to purchase a commercial 2X MDM account



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