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The knife game, also known as pinfinger or five finger fillet, is a game wherein you place your hand on a table with fingers apart, and stab back and forth between them using a knife, or sharp object, trying to not hit your fingers.

Sounds crazy, right?

If you're not crazy (or dumb) enough to play the real knife game, with real knives, this game is just for you. Here you can pretend to stab between your fingers, without the fear of losing any.

Game includes three different knife game patterns to choose from. Casual, that is the easiest and most simple one. Normal, also known as Australian pattern, that is the most known and usually the one you see in movies and stupid YouTube videos. And expert, in which you really need to concentrate, if you don't want to stab your virtual fingers. There's also a random mode, just for fun.

There's also four hand models to choose from; man, woman, werewolf and skeleton. So if you get bored of one, you can switch to another.

So give it a try. And who knows, maybe you're actually good at it. Maybe even better than Bishop. Just please don't even try the real one.


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