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Download a huge collection of beautiful watch faces for free! While some faces might look familiar, others make you feel differently about time. Some even let you personalize to your style. There's sure to be something for everyone in this stunning watch face collection for Android Wear.

A simple, understated design inspired by vintage aircraft instruments.

Time is bound by a grid of horizontal blinds. So minimal.

Who doesn’t like dominos? Now you get to watch them topple over. Forever.

Analog watch face inspired by jet fighter head-up displays. Loading bars indicate minutes and hour completion.

2 customizable colors locked in a never-ending battle.

A simple analog and digital watch face that also features the current date.

3 graphic dials rotate with markers to denote the current time.

2 circles pivot around the watch face as time passes.

60 pyramids flip around with each second whilst the background color slowly changes throughout the day.

Spikey hour and minute hands move around the center as seconds roll by.

Watch as shades of grey slide around. You can choose different background colors using the Android Wear app or on your watch.

A bold hour hand is offset by an elegant minute hand creating a strong, yet understated look.

A watch face inspired by retro radio displays.

A beautiful geometric watch face that is in a constant state of motion. The colorway changes each hour too.

A dual time zone face where connected hours, minutes and seconds orbit the center.

Learn more about how we designed these watch faces:



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