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Super Swiss Knife  4.0.11

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The brand new Super Swiss Knife includes the 12 most practical tools for anyone to use in daily life. These tools are simple and elegant that you can use just like the real tools. Install it now to enjoy the convenience without carrying anything extra around!

✓ Super Swiss Flashlight

Super Swiss Flashlight offers you the simplest and fastest access to a super bright flashlight. Simple screen with only one tap to start your camera LED flash.

✓ Super Swiss Height Meter

Super Swiss Height Meter provides you with the easiest way to measure the height of any object when you have only your mobile phone with you. With just the entry of your height and two more taps while aiming the bottom and top of the measuring object, you shall get an relatively accurate measurement results of the height and distance for any object.

✓ Super Swiss Sound Meter

Super Swiss Sound Meter helps you to measure the sound level in any environment, whether you are in a room, in a factory or outdoors. It shows both in graph and gauge how loud your current environment is. Noise reference is also provided.

✓ Super Swiss Bubble Level

Super Swiss Bubble Level is designed to indicate whether a surface is horizontal or vertical. By simply placing your phone on/along the surface, an accurate measurement of the surface with any angle is instantly provided with accurate angle degree.

✓ Super Swiss Pic Hanging

Super Swiss Pic Hanging is designed to indicate whether an object is horizontal (vertical). By simply align the outline of an object against the horizontal (vertical) line, you can tell if the object is level (plumb).

✓ Super Swiss Plumb Bob

Super Swiss Plumb Bob is designed to indicate whether an object is vertical (horizontal). By simply align the outline of an object against the vertical (horizontal) line, you can tell if the object is plumb (level).

✓ Super Swiss Ruler

Super Swiss Ruler offers you the easiest way to measure any objects accurately. Two measuring hands are provided to help you align and you are free to switch between centimeter and inch.

✓ Super Swiss Magnifier

A tool to zoom up in your camera. Both cameras in the front and at the back are accessible. Flashlight can be started with one tap so you could also use this function even at night.

✓ Super Swiss Alarm

Super Swiss Alarm can make great noise and shinning light with one tap. You can quickly start the alarm in any unsafe situation to draw other people’s attention or giving signals to the people that are coming to rescue you. Get it now in case you will be needing it one day!

✓ Super Swiss Compass

Super Swiss Compass provides accurate coordinates wherever you are. Precise directions with degree scale and current location are also available.

✓ Super Swiss Heart Rate

Super Swiss Heart Rate offers the easiest and fastest way to track your heart rate just with your smart phone. It is ideal to optimize your exercise.

✓ Super Swiss Protractor

Super Swiss Protractor is the most accurate and easiest tool to measure any angle with your camera. The Super Swiss Protractor is able to measure angles up to 180 degrees. Two protractor hands are provided to help you align.

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